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What's For Dinner Tonight?


One of the greatest obstacles to face in the kitchen is what to make for dinner. Some people are very organized and they plan for the week. That is a great practice, they only have to jump that hurdle once a week.  Pero, en mi casa, after my morning coffee, peaceful quiet time, housework and business on my computer, I face that demanding question: What’s for dinner tonight? In slow motion as my brain is scanning the fridge and freezer, with the whole chicken on the radar, I make that leap. Roasted chicken  will make a yummy dinner and then any leftover meat will make a great meat filler for tacos, tostadas, burritos y tamales.

Meat fillers cover a multitude of comida Mexicana. Pero, for those who do not eat meats, potatoes, veggies or simply frijoles also make great fillers for your corn or flour tortilla. 

Not Leftovers but Makeovers

Here are some ideas of left overs that can easily be converted into fillers for another occasion:

Roasted Chicken- At first beautifully displayed on a nice platter with roasted veggies, then after dinner, the leftover chicken is shredded and stored in the fridge for a tasty makeover tostada dinner para mañana. Shredded chicken also ‘fills’ the need for several other dishes, like cold chicken mac salad

Pot Roast- It cooked in the slow cooker all day, the potatoes, celery and carrots in it have absorbed the meat juices and have mingled nicely for a savory meal. I barely need to shred the leftover meat, it’s falling apart, it'll make a great makeover red chile enchilada dinner. Or, I can freeze the shredded meat and use it for a filler in tamales for another time.

The potatoes from the roast get mashed, with added butter and parmesan cheese they make great fillers for the potato tacos my family enjoys. 

Family Time

Like the rest of the world out there, I’m a busy señora, pero I like to serve and sit with my family for dinner. Our time together is important, sometimes because of busy schedules it’s the only time we sit as a family and share our day. In the busiest of seasons, tacos, tostadas, enchiladas or pre-made tamales are my go to meals. Por supuesto que a nice presentation is important, so when I serve anyone of these for dinner I make sure to offer my salsa, shredded cheese and sour cream. Sitting around the table, between crunches, updates and dramatic episodes of a day, my youngest son's sweet words of approval will always capture my heart. “Good cook, ma."

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