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Chicken Macaroni Salad Recipe For Busy Summer Days

With summertime in full season, it’s pretty hot, in some places it’s blazing hot! After a busy day at work or a long hot day of chasing kids at play, cooking is usually the last thing on our minds, pero, everyone gets hungry. During the summer I tend to rely heavily on my stocked freezer supplies. Out of my stock I can produce something yummy like a cold chicken macaroni salad. It's a simple recipe that I picked up from my daughter in-law, Denise, who learned it from her step-mom. This chicken macaroni salad is a quick but satisfying meal.

Sitting down at the table with family is key, so we try to always do it. When I do need to hurry up and serve, I need all hands on deck. I assemble the chicken salad while we catch up or review the events of our day, thus far. Between ingredients, one person grabs the plates, en este caso, the paper plates, and the tostadas while someone else serves the drinks. By the time we’re sitting and eating our chicken salad tostadas we’ve chatted and laughed. Those very busy days are not a regular occurrence anymore in my home anymore, except when the grandkids come visiting. But oh, como me acuerdo, as I watch my daughter and daughter in-law hustle and bustle with all my grandkids about them. Pero mira, I must make a disclaimer here, this type of meal will only go so far with husbands, or at least our husbands. Asi es que this tends to be served mostly for a daytime meal with some of my girlfriends or my girls and my growing bunch of grandkids. Nice cold chicken macaroni salad on a tostada or tortilla chips and ice cold lemonade. Fresh fruit and sweets are always welcomed as a nice addition.

Denise’s Chicken Macaroni Salad


1 Chicken breast 

1 16oz package of Elbow Macaroni

5 tbsp. Mayonnaise 

1 tsp Mustard (add more if needed)

Seasoning: 2-3fresh garlic cloves, garlic powder, chicken bouillon, and black pepper (measure with your heart and a good dose of common sense) 

¼ onion chunk and ½ cup of finely diced onion

Bay leaf


Cook chicken in a crock or in an oven. Add ½ cup of water and seasoning: bouillon, garlic cloves, bay leaf, chunk of onion. When chicken is falling apart, shred it and let it cool. Boil macaroni, when it’s soft and cooked, drain it and let it cool. Mix chicken, macaroni, diced onion, mustard, mayonnaise, a dash of garlic powder (optional), black pepper, and salt to taste. 

Variations: can include your choice of veggies (my picky children and grandchildren prefer it muy simple)

Canned chicken is not my preference, but it is doable.

Macaroni noodles can be substituted for shells or farfalle, or any pasta of your choice. 

My number one kitchen rule is always use what you have. 

En conclusion

It’s my opinion that summertime is another opportunity for family connections. With the kids done with schooling, they need fun. Make the most out of your good weather and allow yourself to relax with la familia. I see how busy my daughter in-law gets, this kid-friendly salad allows her not to get caught up in the kitchen with cooking. The simpler you make the plans, the easier it is to put good and full intentions into a great time, asi es, make it easy y disfruta tu verano con tu familia!



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