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What are Filet Mignon Tamales?


Simply stated, Filet Mignon tamales are Mexican style beef tamales. However, Filet Mignon is much more than just an ordinary piece of meat and authentic Mexican tamales are not simple. Filet Mignon Mexican style tamales are subtly distinct from Texas Lone Stars delicious beef tamales. 

Beef tamales are made with cuts of meat that are flavorful but not as tender because of their muscle use and location on the cow. Chuck pot roast or ribeye roast meat is suitable for slow cooking. These flavorful meat choices tend to have more fat marbled into them. The red chile sauce made from chiles anchos, or wide chiles, tends to be mild as far as “hot and spicy” is concerned. The juices and fat from the beef and the chiles cooked together with the traditional Mexican spices create the delicious filling in Texas Lone Star Beef Tamales. 

The most tender steaks from the cow come from the loin. The loin is located behind the ribs, it is the least muscle used, making it the most tender portion of beef, thus its name; Tenderloin. It’s not only tender, it’s nice and lean. Tenderloin is the most expensive cut of meat. There are two portions that come from the loin. Sirloin, where sirloin, tri tip and bottom steaks are cut from. Then there is the Short loin portion, which is the most tender of the two.  Filet mignon is a small cut that is cut from the short loin and because it is the most tender of all the tenderloin steaks it gives an extravagant “melt in your mouth” experience. It will also be the most extravagant in price. This excellent cut of meat is used in making the delicious Filet Mignon Tamales. 

This tender beef is also cooked in traditional red chili sauce, however the sauce for Filet Mignon Tamales has two kinds of chiles; chile ancho which are chocolaty and smoky in flavor while jalapeños are grassy and tangy in taste. Both kinds of chiles tend to be mild as far as “heat” goes, but together they will raise the heat level a bit, satisfying your desire for authentic spicy flavors. The meat juices simmered into this red chile sauce is the other distinguishing mark of the Filet Mignon tamales. 

Flavorful choice cuts of beef and the most tender section of the tenderloin cut combined with chiles anchos, jalapeño peppers and traditional Mexican spices, have made a great team. Infused together they make delicious beef meat filling and winning Filet Mignon tamales that might just melt in your mouth. Texas Lone Star Tamales confidently invites you to try them. They are delicious alone or with a side of rice and beans and as always we encourage you to gather with your family and friends for a rewarding experience. 

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