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Queso Sauce for Tamales and Beyond


Mexican food and sauces go hand in hand, rarely will a dish be served without some kind of condiment, sauce or salsa, the most popular being salsa. At restaurants or in a home, when Mexican cuisine is served you will find on the table for your individual taste a variety of options to enhance your meal. Many times sauces and condiments can even be enjoyed as a dip with tortilla chips. The Mexican American version of Mexican cuisine has added sour cream and cheese to the growing list. Tex-Mex food  includes cheese in its savory dishes, it is rumored “out there” that if cheese is not topping it, it’s not Tex-Mex! 

Texas Lone Star Tamales has a yummy cheesy tamale sauce. One of our FAQ from customers is, that if they choose to top their delicious Texas style tamales, do we offer tamale sauce or some sort of topping?  Tamale sauce in its original form,  is a red chile sauce made from dried red chiles. Texas Lone Star Tamales offers Queso with Hatches Chiles sauce. This sauce puts the cheese on the forefront with the chiles, tomatoes and spices used as enhancers. Our customers tend to order their favorite combo pack and more than enough of the Queso sauce. They walk away from the dinner table very satisfied with good things to say backed with 5-star ratings.

Here are some ways that Queso with Hatches Chiles can be enjoyed

Topping for your Texas style tamales.

Topping for your Texas Brick Chili

Topping over your taquitos, tacos, and tostadas

And of course, dip into it with your tortilla chips!

Mexican cuisine is enjoyed most anywhere in the United States today, and tamales can almost be considered one of its trailblazers in optioning popularity. If you have not enjoyed the long standing tradition of tamales, visit our store or contact our customer care team, let's fix that today. 

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