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The Cinco de Mayo Party Pack

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Combo Contains: Gourmet Pork, Beef, Chicken, Jalapeno Cheese, Habanero Pork,  Habanero Chicken, Pumpkin, and Apple tamales.


**** Don't miss adding Chili Bricks and Queso on the options above ****

A healthy mix of 48 tamales (4 doz), containing 1/2 dozen Pork, 1/2 dozen Chicken, 1/2 dozen Beef, 1/2 dozen Jalapeño Cheese, 1/2 dozen Habanero Pork, 1/2 dozen Habanero Chicken1/2 dozen Sweet Creamy Pumpkin Tamales, and 1/2 dozen Cinnamon Raisin Apple Tamales.

Feeds 12 to 20 people as a main entrée.

To view additional information (Nutrition Facts, Ingredients, and other pictures) on the individual content of this pack, click on the links embedded where the products are listed in the description.

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