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Give Tamales On Valentines Day

Tamales and Valentines Day- Two Solid Traditions

What do tamales and Valentine's Day have in common? Well for starters, both have demonstrated their longevity throughout the centuries. Valentine's Day can be traced back to before the 5th century in ancient history. Since the time of the martyrs and their sacrificial love and giving, the holiday has cycled through the different kinds of love  with generous demonstrations on February 14, the official established day. Meanwhile also in ancient history, Tamales go way back to the Aztec Empire. They proved to be a sustaining food that provided valuable nutrients and strengthened the indigenous people. Today authentic tamales are a beloved old tradition in Mexican culture and beyond. Tamales and Valentines Day, two sustaining customs that have comforted people around the world for centuries.

Valentines Day Love

Valentines Day is about love. Married love, young couples or old. Short time or longtime, family, friendship and brotherly love. Thankfully Valentines Day has continued to evolve and the different strands of love permeate the air as February 14th approaches. Share your love through tamales. Both savory and sweet tamales make a delicious demonstration of love. Here are three easy ideas to show your sustaining love.

  • A delicious authentic Mexican tamale dinner for two or for the entire family brings comfort. At the dinner table, sharing tamales, passing the salsa and recounting tales of love will bring the sweet and spicy coziness to your Valentine's Day Celebration.
  • Chocolate candy is a traditional Valentine's Day gift, chocolate is delicious and comforting, so go the extra mile and give your love some delicious sweet chocolate tamales. In the good old fashion  tradition of sharing out of your own wealth, for the good of the community, pass along these yummy sweet tamales. These are a traditional Mexican combination of chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, sweetened condensed milk and brown sugar tucked into a tasty masa mound and steamed into a tasty infusion of sweet chocolate and masa flavors. 
  • Be an intentional lover, son, daughter, sibling or friend. Look beyond the one celebrated day of February 14th. Sharing delicious tamales on special occasions, like  Super Bowl Sunday, followed by Valentines Day, will definitely raise your dopamine levels. You'll feel such pleasure in giving, like running across the field for a touchdown! But by giving your loved one tamales beyond just one meal is well protected, sustaining love. Tamales to share for a nice dinner, and tamales for that busy midweek evening when making dinner is too much and still again, tamales for an easy quick lunch. Giving authentic tamales to celebrate is invigorating for sure, but sharing enough yummy tamales to enjoy on regular days puts you on the next level of an “intentional lover”

Strong people with solid traditions fare well in life, especially when they have well-built support pillars along the way. This February, let the month be flavored with delicious traditions. Authentic tamales on Valentine's Day and beyond is a good gift to give. 

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