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Tamale Fillings You Should Try

3 Tamales in white plate served

If you’re a fan of tamales, you’ve likely already tried most of the classics. Chicken, pork, veggie, and beef tamales are all staples for tamale aficionados in the States, but just like we have regional variations for BBQ, hot dogs, and burgers, there is an equally wide variety of tamales that have cropped up from unique crops and resources in different regions of Mexico. If you’re looking for a slightly more unique style of tamale, consider trying one of these fillings instead of your standard fare:

Green Chile Tamale

Green chile is fairly well known for its role in making hot salsa. Adding it to a tamale with chicken or cheese is a great way to have a tamale with a bit of a punch. At the same time, if you want a milder taste without losing the flavor, green chiles are easy enough to deseed before cooking to reduce the heat. If you’re looking for some salsa to help make this dish, order some of our green salsa with avocado to mix in a flavorful addition.

Yucatan Tamale

Yucatan tamales are some of the tamales that popularize the use of banana leaves over corn husks for tamale wrappers. They can also have an interesting flavor profile with orange juice, green chiles, and Cotija cheese alone with their central chicken taste. If you’re looking for a tamale with a citrus-spicy taste, then this is a recipe you should pick up.

Mariscos Tamale

If you could have a fish taco as a tamale, it would likely come out as something close to a mariscos tamale. With fish, lobster, or shrimp as the main protein, this delicious combination comes together with Oaxaca cheese and a citrus crema for its titular mariscos sauce. If you’re looking for a seafood kick in a handheld wrapper, try preparing some mariscos tamales.

Fried Pork Tamale

Now, you could put about any protein into a tamale to fry it, but we picked fried pork tamales because of their semblance to another great fried pork dish: chicharrón. There’s something about pork that works well with being fried. Adding this crunchy flavor is easy. After your tamale is cooked, coat it in flour and fry it until gold and crispy to add a little extra texture to your next tamale. And if you need a few tamales to fry, you can always pick up some up from our store.

Strawberry Tamale

There are plenty of ways to make a good dessert tamale, but strawberries are an easier sell for most people than jumping right into a chocolate tamale, and strawberry tamales are also more popular in Mexico. These tamales only change their filling, meaning you’ll have a sweet tortilla filling as your strawberries stew and coat your tamales pink. For a little extra flavor, you can add in other fruits, like blueberries, or add some vanilla ice cream on the side.

Mole Tamale

Any dish with mole is going to take a long time to make, but it is always worth it. Mole itself is an interesting taste, combining the sweetness of cocoa powder with the savory taste of tomatoes and onions. It sounds strange, but we promise it’s worth it. Mole tamales are roasted with the sauce inside instead of on top, leaving you with a mouth-wateringly delicious dish that is going to be worth the work. Whether you pick chicken, pork, or beef for your protein, you’re guaranteed to have a satisfying meal.

Whether you’re looking for the basic parts to make something unique or if you’re simply craving a classic, shop Texas Lone Star Tamales to feed your craving. We have the best chicken, pork, and beef tamales on the market, as well as tamales for vegetarian and vegan diets. Shop today to fill your table with the best tamales north of the border.

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