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Will Tamales Make You Fat?

Tamales will not make you fat. They are a delicious Mexican food tradition that have historically helped sustain the original ancient people. Tamales provided carbohydrates for energy to fuel them in their living situations. They also contain other vitamins, nutrients and minerals that benefit the body.  Authentic tamales accompanied in a traditional meal with rice, beans and salsa will release the natural chemical called dopamine, and you will experience wonderful pleasure as you enjoy this delicious Mexican food, so much so that you will be tempted to take a second helping and beyond.  While tasty tamales will not make you fat, eventually over indulging and eating too much of most foods will. 

The comfort of traditional tamales, tasty masa wrapped around a delicious savory filling and steamed to infuse the spicy, aromatic flavors will be a temptation to Mexican food lovers everywhere. Most tamale lovers will not stop at just eating a savory tamale, the experience must be made complete by following up with a scrumptious sweet tamale. Again I repeat, tamales will not make you fat, they cannot. However, lack of intentionality might. Eating too much and moving too little will eventually catch up to a person. Unbalanced meals will also affect a body negatively and I dare say that “too much ease” will not provoke carbohydrates to quickly burn. If you plan your tamale meal, no need to worry about excess weight. I always enjoy the comfort of the tamal tradition with others whenever possible. 

For ancient indigenous hunters and gatherers, food mostly was derived from original resources such as wild plants, insects and animals, organic sources which contained various needed nutrients. Out of wild grass came corn and from there tamales were created. They began as a common daily food that contained a rich source of carbohydrates, nutrients needed to survive the harsh conditions. The valuable starchy carbohydrates in tamales gave a strong dose of energy which in turn burned up through the hard work the ancients endured in their daily living and travel. In all their labor, there was no room for carbs to sit idly in a body. As the sustainability of tamales was recognized, they rose to a credible position of high importance. They were credited as a source of strength and given a solemn place in religious ritual celebrations. Tamales became essential for hunters and armies in their crucial and extremely physical jobs. Tamales were a very healthy part of the community and appreciated through the centuries. They remain a celebrated tradition and a central part of Mexican culture and cuisine and a delicious temptation.

Overeating is a common impulse, especially in America, the land of plenty. Some  people will over indulge. Authentic delicious tamales can provoke you to eat more than one so be intentional about your tamal intake. Conserve your calories and carbs and plan your tamale meal. A savory delicious tamale with  fixings is a satisfying goal, followed with a sweet creamy pumpkin spice tamale is a nice deliberate objective.

Traditional Mexican tamales were made to be enjoyed. Eat right, move more and breathe easy.

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