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What Do Tamales Taste Like?

What do tamales taste like?! What an amazing idea it was to me to imagine that there might be a person, or people that do not know what tamales taste like. Across a good portion of Latin American countries, tamales are a foundation of Mesoamerican history and cultural foods.  However, since there are several variations of tamales that have made their way into the United States, the question is not so incredible after all. In this post I’ll draw your attention to Mexican tamales, Texas style. What do authentic Mexican/Texas style tamales taste like? 

Mexican/Texas style tamales taste like the epitome of traditional Mexican food; flavorful, spicy, or very spicy meats, vegetables, rices and beans. Delicious food seasoned well with Mexican spices and herbs. Traditionally, Mexican food has been accompanied with corn tortillas or in the case of tamales, it is enclosed in masa; corn dough and steamed to perfection.  

In my experience, Savory meat tamales made with red sauce are very popular. The sauce is made with roasted dry chiles; Poblano, California, New Mexico, Guajillo and more. The chile choice and amount will determine a spicy or not so spicy but flavorful sauce. The roasted red chile sauce is seasoned with strong and tangy spices and herbs like cumin, garlic, pepper and cilantro, then balanced with pepper with onion and salt. When pork is simmered in this red chile sauce it makes a very delicious filling for tamales, pork tamales might be considered the most popular of savory Mexican style tamales.  Not to be left in the dark, the meat juices of beef blend enticingly well with this red chile sauce and also makes for some inviting authentic beef tamales.

Mexican style green sauce is made with fresh roasted mild green chiles. This tangy sauce, laced with salt, cilantro, cumin, garlic and onion is delicious in chicken or pork meat. It’s a delicious filling for savory tamales. My mother would spread the masa across the corn husk, add a spoonful of green chile chicken along with a sprig of cilantro, a slice of carrot, potato and pickled jalapeño pepper. The aroma of green chile chicken tamales steaming on the stove filled the air. 

Aside from these popular Mexican style tamales, there are many options of meatless savory tamales, cheese, bean or vegetable tamales are all infused with the signature flavors of Mexican cooking. Tamaleras everywhere are very creative in their filling mixtures, not to mention their sugary, fruity, nutty and sometimes cinnamon infused concoctions for delicious sweet tamales. 

Authentic tamales are the heart of Mexican cuisine and culture. Texas tamales are authentic Mexican style tamales with well balanced proportions. Texas style tamales are not too doughy, since too much masa will overpower the savory filling. They have just the right amount of masa to compliment the flavorful filling. They steam beautifully and taste delicious. 


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Sandra LaBelle

I haven’t ordered BECAUSE #1. They are VERY expensive, ESPECIALLY the shipping fee and I’m afraid they will be to spicy 🔥🥵 and I will have wasted my money. I’m from Texas originally and the tamales we bought were made by the local Mexican population and NEVER hot or spicy….

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