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What Are Big Tex Tamales?

Texas is big, bigger than most of the states, in fact 15 small U.S. states can all  fit intoTexas! If that's not big enough, it is also bigger than some European and Asian Countries. “Don’t Mess With Texas” y’all. 

Texans make a  BIG deal about cowboy boots, football, their friendly Southern hospitality and the great food in Texas. Big is the Texan way. Have you heard of Texas style tamales? Are Texas style tamales too small for Texas?  Do they go against the grain of the second largest state of the nation? Not at all, great and delicious food is what Texans make a ruckus about. Those other tamales, the “big fat” ones, are mostly masa, dough made out of corn. All that masa from these fat tamales absorbs the flavor and moisture of the filling and somewhere embedded in it is a smidgen of filling that is now dry. Thus you have a large tamale with “smallness” of spicy aroma and delicious Mexican flavor. Texans went about fixin’ tamales so that they would be big in authenticity and flavor. 

Texas style tamales are proportioned evenly from the masa to the meat filling, so that when they are bitten into, both masa and filling are taken in at once. The tasty masa does not dominate, instead it compliments the delicious savory filling. Texas style tamales are big in delicious Mexican cuisine. For those who love both perfect proportion and ‘big’ tamales, Texas Lone Star Tamales has taken up the matter of size and created the Big Tex Tamales.

What are Big Tex Tamales? They are the epitome of a perfectly proportioned Mexican style tamal in larger size, doubled to be exact.  Do not be alarmed, Big Tex tamales do not just have more tasty masa but they are equally filled with succulent pork meat that has been cooked in chile ancho with traditional Mexican spices. These Big Tex tamales hold on tight to the moisture and flavor of the regular size Texas style tamales

Since Big Tex Tamales are a double size replica of original Texas style authentic pork tamales, Texas Lone Star Tamales has made them easily accessible and available in their own combo called  Big Tex Tamale Pack. If y’all are meat lovers, be sure to try ‘em, these savory red chile pork tamales will satisfy your desire for real Mexican style tamales. 

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