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The Power Of Hospitality

Hospitality Goes a Long Way

 Hospitality is a practice that goes back to ancient cultures, before the rise of the hospitality industry. Throughout the ages, hospitality has been practiced in most facets of relationships. Whether that be with country alliances, government policies, business affairs and of course on a smaller scale with family, friends and neighbors.

Being hospitable is an act of friendliness, where a person is welcoming both to a guest or a stranger. In ancient culture hospitality involved welcoming the stranger and offering food, shelter and safety. Those who practiced it were well on their way to high social standing, even nobility. 

Hospitality practices around the world will have individual cultural twists, but a hospitable place and person will be felt immediately. When genuine hospitality is executed successfully a guest or a stranger will feel comfortable and accepted. 

Black women feed tamales to kids

The Power of Hospitality:

"People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel."
Maya Angelou

What To Expect From a Host/Hostess

There has always been a weight of expectations placed on a host/hostess. In different arenas the expectations will vary but it is fair to say that always a demonstration of friendliness, generosity and some kind of offering is expected.

With that said, how is hospitality working for you? In your business, besides selling your delicious product how are you helping your customer maximize on his/her experience? 

After all the isolation because of COVID are your neighbors or even the stranger on a walk sensing your friendliness from your smile? At home, are you ready to be hospitable? Are you welcoming with an offering of something good from your kitchen?

Hospitality Tips From a Mexican American Kitchen

My culture, my upbringing and my faith have always kept me on my toes as far as hospitality goes. My mother was a very welcoming woman and always made a visitor feel welcomed in her home. Here are some things I learned from her so that I can be ready for company, expected or not! 



  •  Always cook more than enough. I don't calculate by the amount of guests I’m expecting, I cook like there will be more guests, maybe a neighbor or  friend of a friend, or perhaps even a stranger. Leftovers always get eaten up in my home with the brood of grandchildren that drop in on me. Freezing leftovers in sealed tight containers is also an option, they come in handy with my hospitality efforts.


  •  Frijoles de la olla, a fresh pot of frijoles are the best budget friendly option to feed an army. They make great burritos or tostadas or, they accompany a tamal very nicely. 


  •  I keep ingredients handy for making quick and easy botanas, finger foods like quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches or chips and salsa.  
  • I do keep a supply of tamales in the freezer, they have a longer shelf life when properly frozen. I never know when I’ll need them or other kinds of frozen foods.

 White and red Chinese pot

Hospitality is a powerful tool that has provided societies around the world with working relationships. It has helped build solid businesses, created friendships, united families and  has brought communities together overall. 

What hospitality tips can you share with entrepreneurs or upcoming events? Or even for the happy homemaker? 

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