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Can Tamales and a Diet Co-exist Peacefully?

Tamales and dieting don't seem like they should co-exist. Is it possible to lose weight and still enjoy a savory tamale and later a sweet one? There has to be a happy middle ground to enjoy the foods you love and establish good healthy habits. I am not sure about consuming two tamales in one sitting, but I felt a need to uncover the nutritional value of tamales. After reading some of the benefits, I was relieved to keep tamales on my menu even after New Year's Day.


Livestrong shared some comfortable facts about tamales.


  • Yes, they're high in carbohydrates, but with a new year usually comes the need for carbohydrate fuel to keep a person on the treadmill or the hike.

  • Tamales are a good source of fiber to keep those bowels moving regularly.

  • Tamales give a good supply of protein to repair and renew cells.

  • Eat 1 tamale, and you'll get a good source of iron and phosphorus for a good dose of energy.

  • Tamales are a good source of vitamins that can help a body in several areas; blood circulation and stress levels and aid a healthy brain and nerve cells.

Isn't this a loaded list? Wow! I was reminded of the value of a tamale since most people, including myself, face the new year with the dread of cutting all delicious and comfy foods out of their lives till the scale tilts in the right direction. I was relieved when I remembered my "dieting" practices can keep tamales for an occasional meal. Since I mainly count calories; I'll have to spend my calories wisely and make sure I practice moderation so that my carb and fat meters don't squeal.


Aside from the nutritional value, there's the networking that tamales provide as we mingle with friends and family. This source of socializing will strengthen the cords of family and friend ties, but it can also make a strand for new friends.


After Christmas and New Year, supplies have been depleted and with the hustle and bustle, so has the energy level. Certainly, homemade tamales, with fresh ingredients, straight out of the steaming pot are the best source, but savory and sweet tamales are just a click away as the body recoups.


So go ahead, stick to your diet, and enjoy a tamale.



You just can’t eat one tamale

Kevin Stiner

My wife can’t eat gluten. Are your tamales gluten free?

lenoria flournoy

Do you have tamale and vegetarian

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