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Tamales In Summertime

Welcome June! School is out and summer begins. Technically, it’s the season for vacations and playtime. The nice weather bids us to go outdoors. Put away the “work box,”  and the daily rut, pull out your summer plans and instead, work hard at “fun stuff.” The sun, the fresh air and the activities will stir up your senses. Hiking, biking, swimming and other water sports will exhilarate you while a nice nap in the sun will relax you. However you do your summer fun, be ready to enjoy.
Thankfully, delicious tamales are no longer confined to Christmas and other holidays. Authentic Mexican tamales, being the niche of Mexican cuisine, fit in very nicely with the “fun in the sun” summer feasts. Seasoned and grilled chopped meats for tacos, savory tamales, tortilla chips and salsas, rice and beans, fresh pico de gallo and guacamole, fresh fruit and refreshing aguas frescas, make a great summertime delight.
Admittedly, making tamales in the warm months is too much to endure. Summer is not the season for laboring all day in the kitchen making delicious tamales, but, having your “stash” of delicious pork, chicken or cheese tamales, in the freezer available when la familia is ready to feast is smart prepping and you stay cool.

Organizing Your Table Feast: 
Place a yummy tamale platter with all the fixings for topping tamales or tacos right in the center of your table, surround it with grilled meats, grilled nopales and other grilled veggies, Mexican rice, refried beans or frijoles de la olla, potato, mac or pasta salad and fresh fruit. Close by, have your refreshing horchata or other cool drinks available. Wala! You’re ready to feast.

Summer Fun Recommendations
Now that June is here, choose to enjoy the summer season. Perhaps the most important ingredients to having a great time in the summer are:

  • Plenty of sunshine and fresh air
  • Time with family and friends, connecting, sharing good talk and good food. 

So go ahead, enjoy your summer and some delicious tamales along with the other spicy Mexican food choices on your table.  

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