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Tamales Are The Heart Of Mexican Cuisine

What Are Tamales? What do they taste like? 

Authentic tamales are an age-old tradition and the heart of Mexican cuisine. They are the epitome of delicious Mexican food. Masa or corn dough, which is a staple of Mexican dishes, is spread onto a soft pliable corn husk  then filled with any delicious savory filling. Meats cooked in red or green chile sauce, vegetables sauteed in enticing herbs and spices or sharp cheese melted with flavorful beans. Any of these fillings will complete the masa, then it’s wrapped shut and steamed until it’s plumb and sometimes fluffy. Unwrap and cut into an authentic Mexican tamale and before you bite into one, first enjoy the traditional aromas that are released when it is opened.
The other spectrum of yummy savory and spicy Tamales are the traditional sweet tamales. Fillings with cinnamon infused masa and cloves that will bring out a sugary zing from sweet tamales. They might have nuts, fruits, creams or a wide variety of sweet ingredients. Any of these sweet combinations nestled into the masa and steamed to a fluffy perfection will satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Where can I get authentic Mexican style tamales?

If your mother, grandmother or tia makes them, or if you have that family connection you’re set, just wait until the next tamalada. Your hard work will all be worth it, when you bite into the authentic savory tamales you labored for all day. If hard working Tamaleras are in your vicinity, and they have a good reputation for yummy tamales, be sure to place your order and support their business. Local Mexican restaurants with a good reputation for authentic Mexican cuisine with tamales on the menu is another hopeful way to enjoy a good tamale or two. Remember that these options are dependent on how close in proximity they are, and of course it’s always good to support local businesses. 
Another more recent option, is the easily accessible online store with a good reputation for authentic Mexican tamales. You can’t miss it here. If you apply yourself to diligent shopping for the best product, prices, and customer care, you’ll receive your tamales in a timely manner at your location without any hard work.  

What's the best way to enjoy delicious authentic tamales?
Unwrap your hot tamale, put aside the corn husk and enjoy your naked authentic tamales, all by themselves. They will lure you with their aroma. However, there is a more “Complete” traditional tamale experience. Tamales topped with a choice of a variety of toppings, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and or queso. Delicious savory tamales served with a side of Mexican rice and refried beans will enhance your experience. If you have exercised restraint you’ll then have room for a sweet tamal. Finally, but definitely very important is “the gathering.” Mexican tradition is all about family and friend connections, enjoying your nice meal with good vibes all around  will complete your tamal experience. 

If tamales are new to your taste buds, but you already love Mexican food, then you’ll be able to recognize authentic delicious tamales. Whether you support your local business or get them shipped into your state and door step, don’t miss out on the complete tamal experience.

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