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Tamales Are Not Junk Food

Someone asked the question, “are tamales junk food?” Putting aside the indignation that welled up in my Latina blood, I turned to the question, what is junk food?  In the most basic explanation, Junk Food is food that is high in calories with very little nutritional value. Tamales are not junk food, though they are authentically undeniably plentiful in calories, which we all know produce energy. In ancient days, Mesoamericans used the convenience of tamales to sustain them in work and travel. Tamales were and still are a good source of nutrition. not to mention the incredible traditional cultural value that they bring to the table. 

From sweet to savory, tamal options are vast, so the nutritional value of a tamal will vary according to your choice. The most essential nutrients that a body needs for good health will be consumed as you enjoy your delicious Mexican style tamales.

Authentic savory tamales, whether they are meat or meatless, contain a good source of fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, iron, vitamin A, calcium and iron. Then, the toppings will allow for more calcium, fiber, plus potassium and vitamin C. Yummy sweet tamales will contain less protein and more carbohydrates, but the essential nutrients are still hidden in the delicious sweetness.

Like every delicious food, tamales should be consumed in moderation. One way to moderate yourself is by sharing your rich in flavor and nutrients tamales with friends and family, by the way it is part of the cultural tradition 

Tamales are not junk food, they are a good nutrition filled food to eat. Aside from the delicious flavor, they provide the essential nutrients our body needs, while also providing a good cultural boost. Authentic Mexican/Texas style tamales are good at any mealtime, but they are especially wonderful for celebrations, when all all stops are pulled out and Mexican cuisine and culture shine brightly. 

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