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Tamales and Traditions: A Mothers Day Gift

The tradition of tamales is an age-old dependable food that originated in Mexico. Wrapped up in the hard work of making tamales is family love, unity, strength and perseverance.  Mamá does most of the work. She is at the helm of the tamalada. Recruiting both adults and kids to learn and help make tamales. With one hand in the masa, she directs the assembly line of family workers and together dozens of savory and sweet tamales are assembled. She is usually the “last man standing” in the kitchen, it’s up to mamá to keep watch over steaming pots of tamales. with such satisfaction she calls the family together to the dinner table. Amidst the delicious tamales mamá rejoices with her family, making memories. This is a gift for her. When a day comes, like Mothers Day, that it is her turn to be served and honored, she will most likely want to help and give of herself, but be a good daughter, following in her shoes and direct her to the seat of honor. Shower her with kindness and respect, this too is a gift for her. 

Mothers Day is Sunday May 12 this year, if you’re able to, go ahead and celebrate your mother and be glad. Why is it that appreciating mothers is so often neglected? It is common to take her for granted and expect her to do everything and more. Perhaps this is why the “holiday” was created. One special day to honor mom was proposed to the government and eventually, here in the United States, it became a legal holiday to honor our mothers. One daughter, Anne Jarvis, began a tribute for her mother that spread like wild fire and eventually the entire nation was intentionally setting aside a day for all mothers.  A day to appreciate mothers for their willing and generous attention dedicated to family; husband, children and the home. Mothers Day also honors mothers who go beyond and contribute, with the same tenacious dedication they have for family to the community.

This Mothers Day choose to be intentional about celebrating your mother and the women who stepped in to “mother” you. Buying a card or gift is a way to acknowledge Mothers day, it is a good start. Carve out a plan for on a grander scale celebration and let her enjoy time with you.

Some gift planning ideas would be:

  •  taking your mom out, enjoying face to face attention. Dinner? A Play? Coffee time? One of my greatest pleasures is having wonderful heart to heart conversations with any of my kids over dinner or coffee.
  • Planning a family day, where all your siblings gather around momma. 
  • A daughter/mother spa day, relaxing and talking, it is a mothers dream come true
  • A delicious family dinner, where mom gets to sit and be served. Every time my kids and grandkids gather around the table, it’s a sure gift of beautiful memories. 

While tamales are originally a Mexican tradition, they have transcended borders and here in the United States the tradition thrives on. A tamale family dinner is a wonderful bonding time for family, and family is at the core of a mothers heart. Thank God for technology, the very hard work of making tamales can be avoided but the delicious flavors and spices can still be easily brought to the table. Gather family to the table and appreciate your mother this mothers day, I guarantee, she will appreciate her motherhood. 

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