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Tamales On Candlemas Day and Beyond

Tamales, The Sustainable Food
Tamales have a long existing history. Their sustainability gained them a place in religious rituals with Pre-Columbian people and still today. Just this week in some parts of Mexico tamales were the main event in the Candlemas Celebration.
Celebrate With Tamales
Candlemas Day is celebrated on February 2nd. It is rooted in Mesoamerican Aztec and Catholic religious rituals, symbolizing a new beginning. On one hand for the Aztecs, February 2 was the acknowledgement of a new year and the sturdy crop of maize was to be appreciated. Tamales were offered at the altar of their gods. Later, in Catholic tradition, February 2 marks the closing of the Christmas season and baby Jesus is presented in the temple, Catholics head to mass as part of their celebration. These events represent the start of something new. It is a hopeful time and tamales are the appropriate authentic Mexican food for the celebration. 
We recognize the diversity of Mexican tradition. Tamales, all varieties, are here to stay. Let Texas Lone Star Tamales point you to delicious Texas style tamales.

Custom Tamale Combo Plate

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