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Savory Meat Tamales For Easter Dinner

Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, happy Easter! This weekend, March 31 is Easter Sunday. Many people will be celebrating with family and friends. For some people, with the solemn season of Lent coming to a end and meatless Fridays have ended,  meat of every kind is prepared and put back on the menu. The aroma of delicious savory meat will entice meat eaters.  What is your meat preference? Lamb? Turkey? Fish? Chicken, pork or  beef? Meat as a main dish, meat in casseroles, meat in salads and soups, and meat in delicious savory tamales.  Holiday feasts always go the extra mile in preparation and presentation. How do you celebrate Easter? What family traditions do you enjoy and what scrumptious food will your Easter table have? 

Outdoor grilling is “the American way”.  We love the smoky flavor of meat off the grill. It is a usual spring and summer delight for many Americans, and depending where in the country you are, grilling might be enjoyed all year long. The Easter Holiday comes around in springtime, the nice weather and pretty flowers beckon some people outdoors. A simple but yummy BBQ style spread of grilled meat, corn on the cobb, various salads, bread rolls and fresh fruit makes a refreshing Easter repast. 

On the other hand, there are the die hard traditionalists. They prefer to sit around a beautifully decorated dinner table. They’ll enjoy roasted meat with all the trimmings for their Easter meal. Tradition brings comfort, connection and perhaps even stability as family and friends pass the potatoes and gravy and bond with one another. America is a melting pot of ethnicity and cultures, traditions will differ, Easter dinner might have a spicy twist to it. 

A very popular tradition almost all across the United States is tamales on holidays. Delicious Mexican style tamales make a fine holiday meal. Flavorful masa stuffed with saucy savory meat, then steamed to perfection. An Authentic Easter tamale dinner will be both comfortably traditional and refreshing.

Beans, rice and corn are the staple foods of Mexican culture. Chiles are the pizzazz in varying degrees of heat that make the delicious spicy aromatic Mexican cuisine a favorite. Colorful pico de gallo, chunky dip with salty tortilla chips is a yummy appetizer before the main event. Steamed meaty tamales served with flavorful Mexican rice and tasty smooth refried beans make a deliciously filling Easter feast. Mexican food is not only steeped with tangy spicy flavor, it is very colorful. It will always be served with a colorful array of topping options. Diced cilantro, onion, radishes and tangy lemon slices. Followed with different cheese options, cremas, guacamole and  fresh or roasted salsa. A lemony tangy cabbage salad or fresh garden salad balances the meal. I prefer to not drink anything while I’m savoring the different flavors, because I greedily want to make sure I have enough room for my yummy food, my drink can wait. However, with all the different splashes of spiciness, aguas frescas are a nice refreshing touch to your tamale dinner. 

Every good feast ends with a yummy dessert. Easter celebrations might have baskets full of candy and chocolate bunnies, but an Easter tamale dinner must have sweet tamales. Sweet Cinnamon Apple Raisin tamales and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, served with an aromatic cup of coffee is so satisfying. After this cozy meal helping the grandkids find Easter eggs won't such a mission.

We will  gratefully gather to celebrate the Resurrection this Easter. Whichever way you choose to celebrate, enjoy your family and friends, beautiful springtime and maybe a chocolate bunny or two. Happy Easter to you all.

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