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How To Shop For Tamales Online

In their own resilient way tamales have remained on the forefront of Mexican cuisine and culture. Pushing through various obstacles of time and change. They jumped on the broadband of modern technological advancements, and today tamales are available online through just a few easy clicks.


In ancient days tamales were a key survival food that carried warriors to advancements, someone said “tamales were the original Cliff Bar.” Then with new established civilizations tamales became a celebration food that was mostly enjoyed in special holiday seasons because it was, and still can be quite an investment. Aside from the money used to purchase quality ingredients, a good “chunk of time” must be set aside and plenty of hard work is needed. Making tamales and enjoying tamales through the wonderful tradition of tamaladas, doesn’t have to stop there anymore. 


Although tamales remain very much a favorite item during the holidays, today, entrepreneurial tamaleros and tamaleras have pushed this age-old Mexican tradition onto the daily market, where consumers can buy their fresh tamales daily. An added bonus brought on with the improvements of technology is the surge of online shopping for perishable foods, like tamales. Sustainable tamales have been making their way across the nation, either by migration or being shipped within a reasonably safe time. 


The ingredients and flavors in delicious authentic tamales are captured in the simmering, steaming and freezing process. Maintaining tamales in their frozen state as they travel sometimes across the United States depends on the quality packaging and prompt reliable shipping methods.


With that said, here is a checklist for finding delicious authentic tamales online.


  1. Check a company's reviews-satisfied customers are great influencers, when they like a product like delicious tamales, and want to keep on ordering and receiving them, they will support the company through their business and great reviews.

  2. As you’re perusing through a store's merchandise make sure to read the ingredients used. Savory and Sweet authentic tamales will have in them the key ingredients that identify Mexican cuisine. In that same manner, find out what quality materials and shipping services are being used. All of this information should be readily available for you to click on and see. Getting the delicious tamales to your location intact, in a safe and timely manner can be the start of a beautiful thing. 

  3. Whether you place your order directly online or by phone, it should be a fairly easy process from beginning to end. 

  4. Good customer care should be readily available, if you’re looking for something outside of the available options, you should be able to have your questions answered. What customers want, feel or need should be a top priority.

  5. When you’ve settled on where you’re going to order your tamales and you’ve done all your comparison shopping, keep in mind the time for processing and shipping your tamales. If you have a special date in mind, like the upcoming holiday season, then shop and order with plenty of time. 

Tamales continue to be a great traditional Mexican food that are now easily available to everyone for all occasions, both great and small. 

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James Zawaski

I’m in your online store having ordered and cannot figure how to check out. Also tried your contact form and can’t figure how to send. I’ve ordered before and don’t remember it being this hard.

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