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How To Improve Your Chicken Tamales Experiences

Chicken tamales, with meat that has simmered in green tangy flavorful chile sauce is usually my first choice. These kinds of chicken tamales are perhaps my favorite tamal. Through the years while making my own or sampling other tamales I’ve learned to distinguish certain ingredients or methods that affect the flavor and texture of the different tamales, I’m learning what works and what doesn’t, a few small adjustments have improved my tamal experience. 
Making tamales can be a lot of work, but it is a tradition that I am compelled to maintain at least once a year. Usually I partner with my sister in law to make tamales and I take on the task of making green chile tamales. It was my mothers tradition, and every year I aim at making them flavorful, just like she did. Here are my tips for making delicious savory chicken tamales:


  • Use both dark and white meat. White meat such as chicken breast is lean and high in protein, it goes a long way, but it is dry in texture. On the other hand, dark meat such as chicken thighs are higher in fat and protein, making them juicy and flavorful. Combining the chicken meat provides for more meat that is not greasy, but  juicy and flavorful.
  • Slowly simmer the meat in plenty of green chile sauce, this will infuse the meat with all the delicious Mexican spices, having plenty of sauce in the filling will ensure a nice moist tamal.
  • Regarding the masa: tamaleras everywhere are choosing to use baking powder in their masa. It is critical to carefully measure the amount sprinkled in since it will be an absorbing agent and too much will dry up your tamales when they’re steaming.
  • When spreading the masa onto the corn husk, be sure to add a balanced proportion of chicken filling that has plenty of the green sauce.

During the year, when tradition is not calling you to make tamales yourself,  acquiring them by another source is also part of the networking cultural process and very rewarding. Here are some pointers for acquisition:


  • Be a good neighbor, it will pay off. Part of the tamale tradition is not only to make them but to share them. Tamaleras will show off their skills by sharing their delicious tamales with you, and you will repay their kindness back by totally enjoying the wonderful tamales. 
  • Contribute back to the community by supporting those who sell tamales near you. I have seen such a wide variety of delicious tamales, be sure to try some tasty green chile chicken tamales.
  • Finally, last but definitely not least, is to buy them online. In the comfort and safety of your home you can browse through the Texas Lone Star Tamales online store. Take a minute to read the reviews of satisfied customers then you can confidently pick your combo. Green chile chicken tamales or, if you want a little “fire” in your tamales add some chicken habanero tamales into your picks. The good thing about buying pre-made combos or creating your own combo is that you can have their delicious green chile chicken tamales as well as the other savory and sweet tamale choices on the menu. Within minutes and just a few clicks your order is placed and they will get delivered right to your home. 

Delicious green chile chicken tamales are the ones I prefer, usually topped with salsa and accompanied with beans and rice. YUM! That is my best experience, you might call it tradition. 

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