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How To Get Your Tamales In Time For Christmas

Check Your List

 In this busy season, our online Christmas list needs to be wrapped up soon but it’s not too late to order tamales for Christmas! Thank God for the continuous improvements in technology that make our lives easier.

I’m sure that since the beginning of our human existence high on our priorities have been comfort and convenience. Did you know that food delivery existed in Ancient Rome? According to UNDERSCORE by Factor convenience and ease were priority for Romans. Through their God given ingenuity they created a system that delivered hot meals and since then things have only improved.

Today many companies have been delivering  fresh and frozen foods. Specialty foods and delicacies are literally at our fingertips. Long distance dilemmas have been conquered through improvements with packaging and shipping. With all these advancements the choices we have are vast and it might be fair to say that our biggest hurdle is timing. When we place orders online and make our choices, and have no time requirement, it is a stress free experience.  However, this is the Christmas season and there are time sensitive orders that must be placed. The urgent question is always: Will my tamales come in time for Christmas? To make this happen, Texas Lone Star Tamales has set their deadline for Christmas orders for December 11th.

Five Days Left

With still five days left to order authentic Texas style tamales, Texas Lone Star Tamales offers several options for an authentic traditional Mexican experience, that is both convenient and comfortable. Tamales shipped anywhere in the United States, straight to your front door. Customers can order from a variety of Combo packs, like the Merry Christmas Family Pack or they can create their own combo, for a more personal touch, especially if they are sending an authentic tamal experience as a gift. Many people prefer to make their own choices, maybe they would choose the spicier Chicken Habanero tamales or add an extra dozen of the popular creamy pumpkin spice sweet tamales, whatever their preference, it might be better to send a Texas Lone Star gift card their way. Remember, getting your order in on or before the deadline will relieve stress, and help you get on with the rest of your Christmas time. 

Have a Very Merry Christmas

This is the season to be jolly!  Check off online shopping from your Christmas to do list. Get your tamales ordered and enjoy a time with family and friends. It’s a wonderful time of the year! 


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