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Honoring Our Veterans

Veterans Day
It is very fitting that Veterans day is in November, our Thanksgiving month. We celebrate Veterans day on November 11, appreciating our veterans from all military branches for their service to the United States of America. It is a time to recognize and thank our soldiers for their sacrifices. 

Armistice Day
Originally, Armistice Day was commemorated by allied countries in World War I. This was a temporary truce that was reached between the opposing sides. The day commemorated the end of WWI and veterans of that war. Tens of thousands were killed in action or wounded. Of those that survived the horrors of that war, many would live with the physical and mental impact of the war for the rest of their lives. The armistice had to be re-agreed upon and signed a few times, until the Treaty of Versailles was signed. This was the peace treaty that was supposed to be the war that ended all wars, except that it didn’t. WWII erupted just barely 2 decades later and the Korean War followed within 5 years of the second world war. Thousands more gave their lives for their country. Once again, a great number of those soldiers that did make it back home, returned forever changed. The cost of recovery for them and their families was incredible. 

In 1954 the United States Congress amended the federal holiday Armistice Day and called it Veterans Day in honor of American soldiers in all wars. It was marked as the one day across America to salute and thank the hundreds of thousands of soldiers that served our country. Soldiers that sacrificed so that we could live. They gave with devastating consequences fighting to protect our freedom and prosperity. There are of course, many heroes of the wars, but on this day, Veterans Day, all U.S. soldiers that served his/her nation with honor in whatever capacity are acknowledged, honored and appreciated.

Service and Sacrifice 
For the most part soldiers are humble about their service and sacrifice, respectfully embracing the appreciation they receive. Across our great land you will see Americans parading the stars and stripes so very proud to be an American. We celebrate those men and women who made our comforts possible. Through their sacrifice America established peace for us and other nations. In our freedom we are able to persevere and prosper under their protection and sacrifices and for that we raise our flags, take our hats off and give tribute to our military service men and women.

Thank A Veteran
Take some time on Veterans Day to thank a soldier and observe the day. Here are some suggestions: 

  • First and foremost, pray for our veterans, that their lives after military service will be prosperous and peaceful. 
  • Enjoy a parade in your town or city, it’s a good teaching moment for your kids. They’ll learn some history and learn to appreciate our military servicemen and women.
  • Write a thank you card to a soldier you know. Perhaps you know a military family that has lost a loved one in war, maybe you can thank them for their sacrifice.
  • Make a soldier some cookies, bread or tamales. 
  • Take your soldier to dinner or better yet, make them dinner! A nice authentic Mexican tamale Thanksgiving dinner is a good “thank you for your service” meal.

We live with liberty and prosperity in America and Texas Lone Star Tamales is thankful for our veterans who served America well and especially grateful for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. God Bless America. 

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