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Honoring Our Nations Veterans

Veterans Day

November 11 is our national day of honoring American veterans of all wars. As we gear up for Thanksgiving this November, let's stop and take a moment to thank God for our veterans. Those men and women who have served our country, pledging their lives, sometimes to the death in order that we, the people, can live in freedom and prosperity.

How Can We Honor Our Veterans?

All around this diverse country veterans are celebrated. Some places will honor veterans with parades and  beautiful ceremonies. Private family gatherings will honor their brave soldiers and alleviate the void in their lives as they remember. Definitely all throughout our great nation, veterans will be appreciated. has 10 great and easy suggestions for us, the ordinary citizen, to thank a veteran. Veterans are no longer in uniform, but occasionally they will be detected, don’t miss the opportunity to thank them, especially those that are close to your heart. A spouse, a parent, a sibling, a nephew or niece all will be gratified to know we don’t take their service and sacrifice lightly. 

Texas Lone Star Tamales is able to offer their traditional Mexican tamales online, practice fair trade and thrive partly because of our veterans. We have liberty and freedom daily in our private lives and business and we will not take lightly the hard work and sacrifices made for our nation.

Our deep felt appreciation to those veteran soldiers who  loyally and proudly served in our United States Military. 


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