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Happy Customer Goals


We want happy customers. Sometimes a customer enjoys your product, but then, they'll need encouragement and nurturing. You see, happy customers make great influencers. Once these customers have enjoyed the ‘benefits’ of your product, simply because they love your product they will tell others and make that referral. When a customer loves your product or service and tells another person BAM! The relationship has entered into another level. Here at Texas Lone Star Tamales they call it making you part of la familia. 

How To Nurture My Customer

 Experts say that part of caring for our customers is to train them to maximize on your product. Hmmm?... How do I train a customer to enjoy my tamales? How would I have them enjoy a complete tamal experience?
  • First, explain to the newbie that the corn husk is just an outer layer that holds the masa and its filling together and not to be consumed. There are still a few people out in the world today that have not enjoyed a delicious tamal.
  • Second, there are a few ways to reheat our tamales from frozen or thawed state. In my opinion, the best way to retain their full flavor and moisture is to steam them. 
  • Third, generally speaking most people tend to add salsa to their tamal, that is usually enough, but the individual palate cannot be ignored of course. Some people will add sour cream or enchilada sauce, some may even add cheese sauce, of course it all depends on the eater. 
  • Fourth, getting a well rounded tamal experience might require a full course meal. Maybe that sounds intimidating, so making fitting suggestions helps the customer enjoy their tamales more.
  • Finally, part of the tamal experience is sharing with friends, connecting over tamales.
A tamal feast is in order.

A Happy Customer Is Good Business

When a customer is satisfied, it is very probable they’ll come back. When their expectations and beyond, have been met, they are delighted. They gladly  return and bring along their friends. Of course a satisfied customer is the goal of every business, but what whooping pleasure comes to all “hands on deck” when they hear positive encouraging words from a happy grateful customer. 

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