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First Quarter Check up

Take Some Time To Review 2022

Many of us made New Year's resolutions, set goals or planned to make changes way back in January. Now, with March behind us we closed our 1st quarter of 2022. How are your resolutions going? Have you looked at your goals lately? Are they still on the table and attainable? If you haven’t already, now is a good time. It might be a good idea to pull out and review those goals that were fresh when the year was brand new.

Personal Goals:

  • Health-Are we eating better and exercising some? Have we  made time to rest? As for me, just in practicing moderation I feel the benefits in my body. I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to get some weekly volleyball time in and I’m having a great time while I’m getting that energy boost. 
  • Relationships: Which relationship squeaks the loudest? Have we invested in relationships we value? Is family time still a high priority? I’m grateful for my family and friends, so I carve time in my busy life for relationships.
  • Finances: How’s the budget plan doing? Has our savings increased and our spending decreased? Are we ready yet to delve into new investments? Did you make sure to include fun money in your budget? I must admit that grabbing the budget by the horns and corralling it into a fixed plan was quite a project, but as we’ve seen our debt dissolve, it’s very encouraging.
  • Social life: Are we making a difference? Has our social circle enlarged? Any new friends? Like relationships, social time is just that, time and money that must be carved into my month. Much of my social life is spontaneous, so I’ve learned to be ready for the unexpected.

Business Goals

  • The business  plan: Have you implemented your plan  yet? If you have,  how’s it working for you? Are the stats looking good? If not, do you know what's holding you back? More importantly, is the business growing?  Do you need to make some changes? Confession time, as a writer, I’ve allowed a few obstacles to slow me down; writer's block, intimidation and the circumstances of life are hurdles that I’m continually facing. 
  • Business relations: How’s your clientele doing? Are they coming back for more because they need and love your product? Are they telling others about their great find? How are all the other business relations going? Are they standing with you in support of your product? Do you feel safe as you're releasing your trust to them? Have they shown themselves loyal? Have you been loyal in the business relationship? Do you need to make some changes?

 If we’ve given up on our goals before February, it’s not too late to try again, maybe a new strategy or some smaller baby steps are in order. Progress over perfection often yields the best results. Stopping to review is a good thing. Reviewing helps us to adjust our steps and re-aim for success in the second quarter. When we look over our goals, It feels good to see progress. Diligence is paying off, break through is happening. The smallest victories deserve a celebration with family and friends.

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