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Celebrate The Tradition Of Tamales

March 23 National Tamale Day

The ancient Mesoamerican tradition of making, serving and consuming tamales has crossed the international border and has carried along its dependable reputation. Tamales are traditional, delicious and yes, even comforting. Unwrap a tamal and breathe in its traditional flavors of masa de maiz, chiles, savory meats and spices. Tamales are synonymous with family and celebrations. 

Today on National Tamale Day, Texas Lone Star Tamales raises a cheer for tamales everywhere in America. We are grateful for the sustainability of tamales in daily living today. Oh how wonderful it is to remember the authentic Mexican tamale feast and the fond memories of family gatherings. We give recognition to  tamaleras around the nation who maintain the tamalada tradition alive. We stand and salute the hard working abuelas that have passed on the tradition of tamales to their younger generations. 

Here are some ways to Celebrate the tradition of tamales:

  • Make tamales and share them. 
  • Eat tamales with family or friends and make more beautiful memories.
  • Share a tamale story, maybe tamales are a family tradition, what is your experience?
  • Appreciate and support your local tamales business. Buy tamales, share them and enjoy the tradition. Many times these businesses are small and have a family tradition tied to them.
  • Go out and celebrate. Visit your favorite Mexican cuisine restaurant and order a nice tamale dinner.
  • Finally, remember the abuela or ama who shared the tamale tradition with you.

Texas Lone Star Tamales is a small family owned business supplying Americans with authentic Texas Style Tamales, visit our store, check out the variety of sweet and savory delicious tamales  and get ready for the celebration. Have a wonderful day and remember the labor of love that tamales symbolize.

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