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Celebrate Cesar Chavez

 The Migrant Worker

The United States appreciates and honors great Americans who have contributed to the furtherance of this great nation. This post is about Caesar Chavez, a regular American citizen who became a hero for many of us as he fought hard for his rights and the rights of many others in his position. Celebrate Cesar Chavez Day. 

Cesar Chavez was first a migrant worker then a successful  activist leader. Many are overwhelmed by the difficulties of life, and understandably so, but Cesar Chavez used his difficulties to develop a vision of improving the overall welfare of the laborers out in the fields.

Cesar Chavez was born in Arizona where his grandfather worked hard to make a way for his family and with time, was able to own a farm. However, as the Great Depression swept across America the Chavez family lost it all. Being familiar with the hard work of the farm, the family crossed the state line to work in California farms as migrant farm workers. 

Life was not easy for the migrant worker. Besides the hard labor of picking and packing the produce for sale, living conditions were not healthy, safe or socially acceptable. Migrant families lived by the seasons of the produce, moving to where the harvest was ready. The housing conditions were bad and education and learning for kids was almost impossible. Chavez lived in these conditions as a child and after a term in military service went back to migrant work. 

Thankfully, Cesar Chavez was moved into action and fought hard for better conditions, better wages and more stability for the migrant families. My own family in Imperial Valley, CA felt the relief of his efforts as we had our seasons of migrant work in Coachella Valley. We are ever grateful for great Americans like Cesar Chavez.

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