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Summer Cabbage Salad Recipe

Summer Time Servings
It’s summer time in America and throughout the four corners of our country we gear up one way or another for play, rest and family time. The weather is warm and in some places blazing hot! Swimming pools are prepped and in Southern California, our beaches get over populated. 
Summer time is a time for packing easy meals to go, it's a time for grilling in the backyard. If you must stay at home, it’s time to cook light or make easy meals. My family loves to gather year round and in the summer, we enjoy the outdoors. 
I love to serve a fresh and tangy cabbage salad that fits the ‘cool’ kind of meals during the hot summer days. Por supuesto que it goes best with the Mexican meals I tend to favor, but it can also go nicely with your grilled meats and your veggies. Add a side of potatoes or corn on the cob and some cabbage salad to your plate, y echale ganas! Oh! Of course you need the salsa nearby. 
Cabbage Salad Recipe
Ya sabes, make sure that all your ingredients are thoroughly washed.
1 small head of cabbage, finely sliced
¼ red onion finely sliced, or white (either is optional, but red is for color, el look)
1 cucumber peeled in stripes and then sliced in circles.
1 lemon
Salt to taste.
 Put it all together in a shallow bowl and squeeze the lemon into ingredients, mix and sprinkle salt. 
Extra options that are mostly for color are: thinly sliced radishes or cilantro sprigs sprinkled throughout. 
I use this salad throughout the summer months, aveces, when I’m not cooking or grilling, I pull out my tamal options in the freezer and serve a nice meal of tamales, rice and cabbage salad. 

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