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Your Family Reunion Meal Planning Guide

Family lunch in an open place

Family reunions are a wonderful way to celebrate the ones you love. If you’re in the process of planning an upcoming reunion, you may find the meal planning to be daunting and stressful. Frankly, we can’t blame you. Arranging food options for 50 to 100 people can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to plan everything on your own. Let’s take a look at some family reunion meal planning tips that will help create a memorable gathering.

Don’t Do It All By Yourself

Family in white shirts smile for a picture

While we all want to be superman or supergirl, the truth of the matter is that we humans need help from time to time. The same goes when planning a family reunion. There are plenty of ways to divvy up responsibilities when it comes to who’s bringing what. If you make a mean taco dip, tell your family members that you will be responsible for bringing chips and dip. If you don’t have time to make something at home, consider ordering some premade food from a local restaurant or online store.

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Try To Avoid Refrigerated Ingredients

Most family reunions take place in a venue or outside space. No matter where you’re planning to host your family reunion, you’ll want to ask guests to bring foods that do not require the use of a refrigerator. Why? Because most outdoor and indoor venues don’t have one! If the event space does have a fridge that can be used by your party, be cognizant of what other people are bringing to the reunion. If Aunt Sheri is known for her potato salad and Uncle Bob plans on bringing a small keg, you’ll want to make sure you have enough space to store everything.

Don’t Forget About The Appetizers

If hotdogs, hamburgers, or filet mignon is your main lunch or dinner course, you’ll want to have some appetizers to nibble on as people start arriving to the venue. The last thing you want are hangry family members! Some popular snack options to include at your family reunion are:

  • Mixed nuts. These delicious goodies aren’t just ideal for bars. Nuts provide you with a protein-packed snack that will tide your hunger over until the main course is ready.
  • Potato chips and dip can go a long way in keeping your family members and guests happy. You can choose a variety of chip options like sour cream, barbecue, sea salt, and even pickle-flavored chips!Cheese and crackers. The classic snack that can be eaten for any occasion. We recommend bringing a few different types of cheese so your family has a nice variety.

We hope that this article has been helpful as you plan your family reunion. For the best Texas tamales online, shop Texas Lone Star Tamales online today!

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