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Tamale Making Tips You Should Know

Tamales making tips

At Texas Lone Star Tamale, we love a good tamale. So much so that we’ve dedicated our livelihood to providing our online customers with an array of authentic Mexican tamales that can be delivered straight to their door.

This cultural food is a staple in places like New Mexico, with its origins dating back all the way to the 1800s. Tamales weren’t introduced to the United States until 1893, when the food was featured at the World’s Columbian Exposition. Today, tamales can be found all over the world, and have become a must-have food in many American households.

In this blog, we’re going to look at some tamale making tips, so the next time you decide to whip up some authentic tamales at home, you’ll be well prepared.

Tip #1: Making Your Own Masa

Mexican food served with beans

If you’re thinking about making your own tamales, you’ll want to make the masa first. Masa is a dough made from corn flour that is often used in the making of tamales. Also known as masa harina or masa flour, the term “masa harina” translates to “dough flour” in Spanish. To make masa, corn is dried and soaked before it is cooked in a unique solution of lime and water. The lime is used to loosen the hulls from the kernels of corn, which eventually softens. Once washed, the corn is ground into a dough, known as mesa.

Tip #2: Clearing Your Schedule

Contrary to popular belief, making your own tamales from scratch can be fairly time-consuming. In fact, it may take you an entire day to prepare a large batch of tamales, so be sure to clear your calendar! If you want to take some legwork out of the tamale-making process, consider buying pre-made masa at your local grocery store so you don’t have to make it at home.

Tip #3: Creating A Delicious Stew Or Filling

Did you know that a good stew (also called filling) is critical when it comes to making homemade tamales? The most savory tamales will boast hints of fresh herbs, like garlic, thyme, and oregano. If you want to try something different, consider adding a touch of honey or cinnamon to your tamales for a sweet treat.

Tip #4: Wrapping Your Tamales

While nobody expects you to wrap your tamales perfectly, there is a scientific technique to this process. To start, pick out the largest corn husks in your inventory and lay them on a flat surface. Next, you’ll want to measure the masa and filling (we recommend using an ice cream scoop for this). Spread the filling on the smooth side of the leaves. Once you’ve spread all of your masa, fold the leaves twice from the side and once from the bottom to ensure you don’t spill ingredients everywhere.

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