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Everything You Need to Know About Mexican Street Food

Smoke rises from the Mexican dish

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, be sure to set aside some time to try authentic tamales and street food while you’re in the area. Street food is a great way to learn more about a culture’s cuisine, on top of being some of the best food you’ll find during your trip. In the States, most of our street food would be considered food trucks or fast food, but it can be an entirely different experience in Mexico. Before you head off, let Texas Lone Star Tamales give you some recommendations about what you should expect when looking for street food.

All Day

Street food comes in a wide variety, with a number of different options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. However, unlike in the States where dinner is considered the primary meal, lunch is when you’re supposed to have a formal meal in most of Mexico, meaning you may see more stalls on break during the lunch hours. If you’re looking to eat out for lunch while in Mexico, it may serve you better to find a sit-down restaurant.


The point of street food is to grab something easy before heading to work, or when heading back. Because of this, street food is typically something you can carry and eat while you’re walking, like a taco, tamale, or empanada. With food you can carry, there’s no need for a plate, which can make eating a little messier on your disposable dish or napkin. But it also means you can keep exploring the city while you eat.

Small Kitchens

Some street food vendors do operate out of restaurants with walk-up windows. However, the majority work in food stalls, out of carts, or open-air kitchens. This can provide the unique experience of getting to watch your food being made too. It also means that with limited space to store food and to cook, there can be some cross-contamination between ingredients on cooktops and limited menus. On the plus side, this means you know that the dishes a vendor does offer are going to be the best because it’s a specialty, but if you have allergen concerns, you need to make sure you know what all is going to be in the dish before you order.

Eat Right Away

The outdoor nature of street food and street food kitchens means that there’s not a lot to hold your food in. With no to-go boxes, your food is going to get cold and there’s not really anywhere to put it unless you are right across the street from your hotel. It’s better to go ahead and eat your food, as the hot-off-the-stove taste is what these dishes were designed around.

When you get back from your trip, you may be craving some more authentic tamales. Texas Lone Star Tamales offers delivery tamales so you can enjoy genuine Mexican street food at home. We have a wide selection of tamales filled with beef, pork, chicken, and veggies to fit whatever kind of tamale meal you’re hungry for. Shop now to satisfy your tamale cravings today.

Infographic of Steet food in Mexico

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