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Authentic Tamales from Mesoamerica To North America

Authentic Tamales

It is a known fact that tamales have been around for 1000s of years. Maize is the niche of Mexico's traditions and tamales have been trailblazers in Mexican cuisine. Organic tamales sustained the indigenous people of Mesoamerican history and today they remain an integral part of Mexican traditions. It would be almost sacrilegious to spend time in Mexico and not experience the casero tamales of the street food stands; delicious tamales made at home and sold straight out of the steaming hot pots. 

Tamales in Mesoamerica

I was with my husband in Teotihuacan, Mexico recently. An ancient historic part of Mexico that is valued for its prehistoric roots and Aztec traditions. In that region, ancient history is brought to the forefront, it is examined and appreciated. We went to the museums and pyramids and traveled back in time intrigued by the details of Mesoamerican life and cultural traditions. Right in the heart of these civilizations the spotlight was given to maize. Perhaps for some people today, corn is a crop that is insignificant, but the indigenous people of ancient history lived or died by the Harvest. Maize was interwoven in their daily lives, it was treated as sacred. Religious rites were practiced ritually, sacrificing to the many gods that they believed determined a successful crop. 

Out of maize, tamales were created as a practical and simple meal that sustained their appetites and strength. By the time tamales “migrated” to the United States they were mostly eaten for special occasions and in holiday seasons. In Most Mexican homes you will experience delicious tamales at Christmas and New Years for sure. However, built into the DNA of a tamal is its practicality, they are not only delicious, they are sustaining. Tamales are for anyday. In Mexico, whether that was in restaurants or the food stands on the streets, tamales held their reputation in Mexican cuisine as a fulfilling delicious meal in everyday living. 

Tamales In The State of Mexico

I experienced several different Mexican dishes, all of them I completely enjoyed. I saved the tamales for the end of my time in the state of Mexico. At the stand, not a taco stand, but a tamal stand, I chose to try the green chile chicken tamal, accompanied by the traditional “atole de chocolate.” This is a thick hot chocolate drink also made of maize. It was definitely an experience down memory lane. Big tamales, like my mother made. It was important that I taste the cooked masa without the filling. It had to have a nice texture and be tasty all alone. I wasn’t disappointed, the masa had a nice texture and flavor. The green chile chicken filling was tangy and yummy, but I do think the tamal needed more filling for the right proportion of  a well balanced tamal. My final observation was that as far as delicious authenticity goes, way over in the migration process to the United States, tamales have remained high on the “want and need” list Texas Lone Star Tamales has done very well with their Texas style tamales. 

Texas Style Tamales

For  authentic Texas style tamales visit the Texas Lone Star tamales store online, order your tamales from the comfort of your home. It is an  easy online process, heating them up is easy, but it can take a few minutes. The hardest part of the whole process is waiting to eat them.

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