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Authentic Mexican Tamales In America

Authentic Mexican tamales were brought into the United States and left their mark in the regions where they landed, increasing in popularity with each bite. Tamaleras and Tamaleros in typical latina/o fashion used the resources at their immediate disposal and invented different kinds of savory and sweet tamales. In that same fashion Americans came up with some authentic and creative Mexican/American popular tamales according to their individual states. 

Tamales In The Northwest
In the Eastern Washington region agriculture prevails with asparagus as king, and yet Mexican style tamales are thriving. In Union Gap ,Washington you will not only get traditional pork and chicken tamales, you’ll have the seasonal “Asparagus tamale.” This savvy tamalero took what the community thrives on and gave back to it with a genuine Mexican cuisine  twist. What started as an experiment by mixing classic Mexican flavors and spices with the thriving veggie of the season exploded into the top selling tamales in Springtime. 

Tamales in The Southern United States
Down and across the United States into the Southern states, original Mexican tamales met with the Mississippi Delta and formed an allegiance over 100 years ago. It is speculated that possibly the authentic Mexican tamales were brought into the area by the incoming immigrants and recreated with cornmeal “fasta than grease lightnin” for that Southern influence. Southerners took their cornmeal meat-filled tamales and instead of steaming them, they simmered them, this method released the savory meat juices into the pot to create a yummy sauce for the tamales. The infusion of Mexican tamales into Southern culture was a huge hit. Today Delta Tamales, also called Hot Tamales are a staple of Southern cuisine. 

Tamales in the East Coast
On the East coast, tamales, specifically the masa used for tamales, have made a profitable impact in the great state of New York. Tamales and other popular Mexican dishes come from corn masa which is processed through the ancient discovery of Nixtamal. Americans New York City! are appreciating the riches of delicious Mexican cuisine.

Spreading The Flavor Across The Land
The traditional Mexican spices, salsas and sauces that inspire delicious tamales originally migrated into the Southwest, California and Texas. Through immigrants and Americans of Mexican descent, Mexican cuisine has reached into the far corners of America lingering and inspiring delectable tamale creations.
Texas style tamales are the real deal, authentic Mexican flavors and spices with no twists except for their size. Texans believe that it is of utmost importance to have the perfect proportion of masa and filling in each tamal, too much masa overpowers the savory filling. The good news is that Texas style tamales have not remained in Texas only. Texas Lone Star Tamales makes their delicious authentic tamales available across the United States, with just a few easy clicks. 

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