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Authentic Mexican Tamale

TAMALES! TAMALITOS! They come from all over Latin America and are unique and authentic in style and form. They are made from masa, dough made from maize spread onto a corn husk or banana leaf, then filled with savory or sweet fillings. Texas Lone Star Tamales specializes in Mexican style tamales made with corn husks. This delicious Mexican tradition migrated into the United States and has been a part of Mexican-American culture for many generations, Texas Lone Star Tamales brings it right to your front door! 

In ancient MesoAmerica tamales were critical for the survival of the Indigenes people and thus given a high place of value, almost sacred. Today, they remain vital in cultural preservation. The tradition of tamales can be said to be one of  the networking tools that helps bring ‘la gente’ together. A thriving community is one where people share their traditions and pass them on to their children. 


Technology has improved the traditional process of hard work and sweat, so much so that selling and buying authentic tamales is an accepted evolution. As the tradition of tamales has been passed down, tamales themselves have evolved and I might dare to say they have improved, their authentic flavors have only been enhanced with time. I have found that my mothers chicken tamales are not so singular. Her recipe, asi es, I’ll appropriate it, has been tweaked in so many ways, but the basic ingredients of chiles, onions, garlic and spices still permeate the chicken filling still. Texas Lone Star Tamales offers authentic chicken tamales that are cooked with the basics plus tomatillos.

Like tomatoes, these are fruits, but have a tangy zing to them and when blended with the chiles and spices they bring out the best of authentic Mexican cuisine. Traditional pork tamales are perhaps the most popular tamales in general and for Texas Lone Star Tamales they are first in sales. A key ingredient in these tamales are the chiles anchos. These are dried poblano chiles that seem to get milder “with age” and provide a twist of sweet, smokey and nutty flavors while maintaining enough spiciness. Again, cook these with the traditional spices and you will have delicious authentic pork tamales. Texas Lone Star Tamales also has a spicier version of hot tamales, made with added habanero chiles. These rank high on the spicy scale, but spicy is part of the Mexican tradition.


Mexican tamales persevere, go tamales! from red sauce to green sauce and any creative added ingredient, it is hard to keep up with the continuously growing varieties.

While the limelight on Hispanic Heritage is fading off the calendar, the traditions remain strong throughout the year. Sharing tamales is a key component of Mexican culture. Tamale networking brings family, friends and strangers together. So go ahead, and share your tamales with your neighbor, Texas Lone Star Tamales is here to help.  

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