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Are Tamales Good?

Tamales Taste Very Good Indeed
Do tamales taste good?! Yes! They taste very good, they are delicious. Tamales go beyond our taste buds, they fill a need and they provide comfort and connection through the friends and family you eat them with. What makes tamales so good? This enduring Mexican tradition is made with a dependable grain and laced with rich spices and fresh herbs infused into its fillings. 

The core of Mexican food is a very humble, sustaining  ingredient called maize. Ancient Mesoamericans created masa out of corn and from that time it has been at the helm of Mexican cuisine. Through the various different dishes that masa affords, Mexican food has expanded in popularity over the centuries.  Masa is the tasty edible “container” that has paved a way for authentic and delicious Mexican tamales. Wrapped within a corn husk is a tamal. It is a flavorful dough filled with spicy, savory or sweet filling that is steamed to perfection. The combination of the filling with masa is what gives you the Mexican food experience right inside tamales. 

Chiles are essential to Mexican cuisine, they bring out the explosive flavor. Fresh chiles or dried chiles, tangy or even sweet, cooked by roasting or boiling call your senses to attention.  Mexican cuisine combines them with other fresh ingredients such as garlic, onions and cilantro and dashes a strong spice like cumin into the mix to create the traditional Mexican food aroma that is so loved around the world. Meats or vegetables are infused with any combination of these  herbs and spices and make for delicious fillings in authentic tamales. 
Chiles have established a cozy niche in sauces and salsas. Chop up fresh chiles with other fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic, onions, cilantro and a dash of salt for salsa fresca which is a yummy topping on your tamales. Savory tamales are a very satisfying meal, following with a sweet tamal it is the cherry on top.

Sweet tamales are enticing. These Mexican sweet treats also use rich ingredients. While chiles and cumin spike up your senses as you bite into a delicious pork tamale; cinnamon, sugar, pumpkin and cream will mellow them down. When you bite into a Sweet Creamy Pumpkin tamal you will enjoy all the delectable feelings that come from “sugar and spice”.

Tamales are very good. Savory tamales are a favorite of Mexican cuisine, whether eaten all by themselves or topped by the traditional salsas, sour cream or queso, they are delicious. You can eat a plate of tamales or accompany them with the popular rice and beans side dishes, either way is a sure delight. Measure your eating so that you can be sure to finish your meal with a scrumptious sweet tamale, this way you can enjoy a well rounded Mexican tamal tradition.  

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