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COVID-19 Message to Customers

Dear Tamale Family,

With the challenges that this outbreak has imposed on you, your family, friends, and community, we just wanted to let you, our faithful customers, know that we are still full speed ahead, keeping your safety and health in mind.  Some of our efforts include the following:
  • Our production team is following stringent health and safety cleaning protocols, as usual with a facility monitored daily by a full-time onsite USDA Inspector.
  • In addition, we have instituted enhanced cleaning protocols and are closely following any instructions from public health agencies.

Both our Customer Service and Shipping Teams are available to serve you during normal business hours, M-F, 9am - 6pm.

To highlight some of the benefits of our tamales:
  • They come vacuum-sealed (Cryovac), so that they stay fresh for days (21+) in the refrigerator, and months (12+) in the freezer.
  • From the time our tamales are steamed, they are untouched until you open them.
  • The bags are microwavable bags.  See more about reheating the tamales here

Although the tamales are fully cooked, make sure that you reheat thoroughly, to a minimum temperature of 165 deg. F.

Thanks and God Bless You,
The Texas Lone Star Tamales Team

For any questions or concerns, please contact us here:


Phone: (888) 825-4113

Our usual hours are Mon - Fri, 9 AM - 6 PM Central Time.

We're happy to answer questions or help you in any way we can.