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TLST Testimonials Page - 8/6/18

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Texas Lone Star Tamales has over 23,000 satisfied customers.  Here are comments from some of them...  (We didn't pay them!)




     “...family thought...best they had ever eaten!"
I ordered some for my father in Iowa and they got there in time and the family thought they were the best they had ever eaten!!! Thank you for getting them to him when promised!!!!!

Heidi V

     “...best tamales I've had in 25+ years!"
These are the best tamales I've had in 25+ years. I had a Mexican grandmother who made them, and I haven't been able to find anything like them until now.

Ken C (left Texas for Tupelo, Mississippi a ways back) Sept 25, 2017
     ”The tamales are mouth watering Delicious!"
I live in Northern part of Florida.  I was raised in Corpus Christi Texas.  There is No.. No.. Authentic Mexican Food Here!  
Thank God I came across this Web site.  The tamales are mouth watering Delicious!  It is vacuumed packed and it has dry ice, and it comes in a cooler.  
The Pork Habanero is my favorite.  Not only is the meat and masa is has a great tasting sauce,  it on the husks too.  
I hope that there will be some new items.  Menudo would be nice, like you do your chili.  I thank you for making it possible for me to order from this awesome Company.
Texas Lone Star, you all are the best!

From a very happy customer, Marina D. (Feb. 6, 2017)

     “...the type of tamales I grew up eating !!”

Thank you..........(already ate some, DELICIOUS !!!)

I was born and raised in South Texas, you have helped fill a void for the type of tamales I grew up eating !!

I will be buying from you for a long long time......

Tommy T  (Jan. 14, 2017)

     “Your Tamales are Awesome!!”
I am a native Texan living in DC and I always have tamales at Christmas time.  I have ordered tamales from other companies and was very disappointed.  This year I found your website and placed an order.  I can't tell how delighted I was!!  Your tamales are awesome!!  I have spread the word to all of friends and family.  Keep up the good work!!   Jorell A (from Facebook)
     “...Great Tamales Party”

Linda S. says, "Just received mine last Wednesday and we had a great tamales party on Sunday. I introduced some of my Virginia neighbors to the world of tamales. Everyone loved them. Thank you for sending them so soon."

     “...DELICIOUS tamales!!"

Hello Lee & Sue and all the fine folks at Texas Tamale Warehouse.  Thank y’all so much, the tamales arrived about 20 minutes ago via UPS.  I truly appreciate your speedy shipping of my orders and the fine, friendly customer service….as well as your DELICIOUS tamales!!  I’ll eat very well tonight!!!  Thanks again, very best to y’all.  Jerry B., Llano County, Texas J

     “...everyone absolutely LOVED them."

I ordered a variety of your tamales a few weeks ago and i served them to our family this weekend and everyone absolutely LOVED them. We had the filet, pork and cheese. We are a very picky tamale family and were just thrilled to have found you all!! I wondered if there was any way if I ordered today they could go out today for Friday delivery? We would like to share them with friends tailgating at the AL/FL football game!!!  -  Cindi C.

     "...so Thankful..."

Tamales arrived today!!  We are displaced Texans who always had tamales at Christmas and are so thankful for yours!!  Merry Christmas --- Paula Robertson


     "Texas Tamales on the Tundra"
A very, very nice surprise arrived today at my post office box from my great friend Skipper.......the quintessential Texan.  Texas tamales!!  Having lived in Texas....I became quite addicted to these little critters.  I can't believe I'm going to have tamales all the way out here!  Whodathunkit?  - CJ
P.S.  Read the whole story with pictures at http://cjonthehill.blogspot.com/2010/02/texas-tamales-on-tundra.html
     "...we LOVE the Tamales!!"
Just wanted to let you know that we recieved the Tamales Wed. afternoon.  Wow, that was fast!!  Wanted to say Thank You very much for the great service & that we LOVE the Tamales!!  They are very, very good and much better then what we get in town here.  Have a good weekend and Thanks again.   Lin Voliva
     "We...enjoyed every bite."
I wanted to express how pleased we are with your product.  My father is retired truck driver who used to buy homemade tamales from a local man who brought a cooler full to the truck stops.  Dad has been unable to find anything close to those homemade tamales until now. 
I saw a link for your website on Steve's Everything Las Vegas website and clicked on.  I am so glad to have discovered your site.  We have placed two orders now and have enjoyed every bite.  We have an abundance of Mexican restaurants but none can match the flavor of your tamales. 
Irene Hatcher
     "...the VERY BEST I’ve eaten...!"
I just wanted to take the time to thank y’all for the expeditious processing of my order and the wonderful tamales that I received via UPS late yesterday afternoon.  Spectacular service (considering that I placed the order noonish on Wednesday!  And I ate some of the tamales for supper last night, they were delicious!  I’d have preferred a bit more “bite” (spiciness) but then I was terribly spoiled by the large homemade tamales that I got regularly in New Mexico during the 14 years I lived there.  I will say that yours are the VERY BEST I’ve eaten since I’ve been back home in Texas, and I highly recommend your fine products!  Thanks again for the great service and wonderful tamales.  I’ll be back, four dozen won’t last me long!!  Jerry B. J
We've received nothing but wonderful comments about your tamales and the Band Boosters are THRILLED with our fundraiser.  Thanks again for all your help!  ~ Mike, North Garland High School
     "Wonderful Tamales!"
I just want to thank you so much for your wonderful tamales.  They are so good and so fast.  They come so safe and healthy.  Thank you again and God bless you.
~ Leonor G.
     "Great ~ Delicious ~ Loved your tamales"

"I got my tamales today and they were still frozen so it was great. Everyone loved your tamales, they are delicious." ~ Celia C (military in Iraq)

{after more orders from Iraq} "...my co-workers loved your tamales and so I gave them the information to order more ~ it is also great for me because I get to enjoy their tamales when they get them LOL." ~ Celia C

     Absolutely, perfectly, delicious. Green sauce is the very best
"We just received our first order yesterday and I wanted to let you know that it did take 3 days because we are in the middle of nowhere so to speak, but everything in the shipment was still frozen and packed so nicely!  We had the Tamales last night and they were absolutely, perfectly, delicious.  The green sauce is the very best we have ever had.  I just wanted you to know that your quality products and excellent service has gained you a new customer and I will definitely be recommending you to everyone."  ~ Sincerely,  Kathy D"
     Tamales in Afghanistan
I thought that you all would enjoy this photo.
This guy is a friend/co-worker of mine.  He arrived unannounced at my base...carrying microwave popcorn that his supervisor said he'd never get to eat
His supervisor was half-correct 
His smile is ya'll's responsibility.
...tamales in Afghanistan, it's great, we'll definitely be ordering more.
thanks very much.
     High quality ~ Gluten free
"Thank you so much for providing such a high quality product that is gluten free.  I have a teenage son who has celiac disease and needs to put on weight.  Unfortunately, he has to watch other people eat food that he cannot have frequently.  This has provided an alternative for the one food he frequently craves!  Thanks again!!"  ~ Lisa S
     ...Tamales & Salsa -- DELICIOSO!
"Just heated and sampled your tamales & salsa -- DELICIOSO!  Good product delivered fresh, on time, at a good price.

~ Gil & Carolyn M (Washington)
     The Tamales...were WONDERFUL!! ~ Brought Lots of Fond Memories Back

The tamales I ordered for our family Christmas gathering were WONDERFUL!!  Not only were they gluten-free (my niece & I both have this sensitivity), but it brought lots of fond memories back for my elderly parents who recalled a "Hot Tamale Man" and his song he would sing while pushing his street-cart thru the streets of Cairo, Illinois - when they were young, selling his tamales & singing a song of "I'm the Hot Tamale Man...." They said these were as good as any they had ever tasted!!!!  Made for a memorable Christmas for us all!  ~ Sherrill G

     Thanks so much for your help...

Thanks so much for your help in getting the tamales to their destination.  I am very appreciative of your efforts.  They will be the main attraction at their dinner table tonight.  I advised them to send me a "report card" as feedback is critical.  :) I'm sure, however, they will be enjoyed by all. 
Thanks again.  John

     ...Had the Tamales for Supper ~ They are great
We got our order today and had the Tamales for supper.  You have made a customer.  They are great, and thanks again.  ~ Shirley & Bobby S
     ...super service...delivering my order!!!
Thank you so much for the super service you provided in delivering my order!!!   It arrived this morning, in perfect condition.  The tamales are resting comfortably in my freezer awaiting tonight's feast!   It's so nice to know that there are still companies that are run by caring individuals who still believe in service to their customers.  ( And, OF COURSE, you're located in TEXAS!!)  Best of luck to you and again, THANKS for caring.  God Bless You.         Beverly B.
     ...We have looked around....your tamales are the ones!
We just finished another meal of the Tamales and they are great!  There was a place in Birmingham, AL, "Mancha's",  that sold terriffic tamales for 60 years.  First off the back of a push cart, and then from a small hole in the wall bar.  They closed several years ago and since then we have looked around for some tamales that were as good, and I'm pleased to say that your tamales are the ones!  The red and green salsa are excellent too.  Thanks for your help, and we look forward to ordering again.       Best regards, Gary
     ...we loved your tamales.
I wanted to tell you how much we loved your tamales. We ordered them for a wedding I was catering this past weekend, and they arrived on time, were very easy to prepare, and were a huge hit!  So much so, that a fellow chef wanted your info...     
 Thanks, M. Kany
     ...absolutely Fantastic !!
As a native of El Paso I was skeptical... I bought these for my brother who is also with me "stuck" on the east coast..he said a month ago "I'd give anything for a real tamale" and I found your website....These were absolutely Fantastic !!  We made a pot of pintos w/penos and went to town!!!  I'd put your tamales against the best in El Paso !!!!!  It made us homesick!!!  Leave it to a "go getter" Tejas company to pull this off !!!  I WILL be purchasing more in the future !!! 
Sincerely, Mike Alexander, M&M Farm, Felton, De
     I really miss the Texas food...
We received our tamales and we loved them!  Loved the salsa too.  I am a Texan, although I came to Massachusetts many years ago, married here and have stayed here.  I really miss the Texas food, so this was wonderful.  Enjoyed the calendar too.  Thank You!  You have inspired me to celebrate Texas Independence Day next year.  ~ Lillian W., Mass.
     ...tasted homemade....just like when I lived in Texas!
Just wanted you to know that the tamales were fantastic.  They really tasted homemade....just like when I lived in Texas!  I had to send some to my daughter as a Christmas present.  Thanks!  - Jan C.
     ...Wow! ...many many thanks...

All I can say is WOW!  And thank you so much – lucky for me I just happened to be working at home today and was there when my tamales were delivered.  I thought I had ordered them way too late to arrive by July 4.  So many many thanks for your great service.  Now my biggest task will be to not get into them before Friday!  They look perfect and are completely frozen.

Thanks again!
Nancy B. (originally from Iraan, Texas) 

     ...like the kind we made at home.

Until I was about 10, we lived at our grandparents house.  You knew it was the holidays when the family got together to make tamales.  At the start of hunting season, dad would go out and bag a buck or two.  We'd mix deer meat with a bit of pork (cheeks, usually) to add a bit of fat and get rid of the gaminess. 

We had a small but roomy kitchen and because it was winter, the small gas heater we had was enough to make for a cozy environment with all kinds of savory smells going through the entire house.  The whole family would get together and each person had a specific job to do. Mom and dad would cook the meat, mom would prep the husks, dad was the best at spreading the masa on the husk (he was a master at it), grandma and grandpa would help by adding the meat (mom, too), sorting them and putting them in the steamer pot, and my job - the most important one, IMO - was to keep turning the grinder crank (these were the days before electric meat grinders).

The best part is that we usually made so much that we had tons to last through the holidays and you could eat as much as you wanted.  My dad could eat a dozen at a time (or more) and I wasn't very far behind.  Those days are gone now and both my parents and grandparents are gone, but when I think about tamales, my thoughts always turn toward family.   I like Texas Tamales because they're the closest I had that ever tasted like the kind we made at home.
Louie Neira (from Facebook) 

     ...Texas Tamale Warehouse makes em' great too!
When I was a kid we'd visit my Grandmother often in Ralls, TX. She had a very nice Mexican lady that helped around the house, ran errands for her etc. When family was in town she'd bring us dozens of the best home made tamales ever. And I will also testify, Texas Tamale Warehouse makes em' great too!  Kelly Rags Ragland (from Facebook)
[editor note:  Our name used to be The Texas Tamale Warehouse]
     Best Tamales...!!
Best tamales you can order!!!

Happy Memorial Day, and let's all remember all those who have sacrificed in their service to our country, so that we can remain free.

- ‎Ron S  (from Facebook)
May 30, 2016·  
     ... these Tamales are "real" Tamales...
Got mine today and they are delicious! If you like Tamales, you will love theirs! Just had a bowl of their chili and the Pork Tamales! Will try the chicken tomorrow, the tenderloin the next day! Remember these Tamales are "real" Tamales and not what you might get at many Mexican Restaurants!
Tom F. - (from Facebook)‎ 
March 2, 2016·  
     "...it arrived right on time..."
I ordered 2 dozen of various tamales, plus chili and queso to be sent as a home warming gift to Seattle. The shipment went out the next day and as they said it arrived right on time. I received word this morning that the Breakfast potato and sausage tamales were excellent. I will definitely be doing business here again and when I get to Ft. Worth for Easter, I plan to bring some of these home with me.

Vikki R.  (from Facebook) to
     "...I hear a noise on the street and I jump up..."
Do you have ANY clue how hard it is to be waiting on your tamales that are going to be delivered SOMETIME today??????? I hear a noise on the street and I jump up and look out the window hoping that they have arrived. sigh......... It's been a while since I could get some and as soon as I get them today, I am going to heat me up 1/2 dozen!! I love your tamales. It's not easy to wait.

Evelyn A T.  (from Facebook) to 
February 25, 2016 ·