Refer a Friend - Earn 100 Points

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Refer a Friend - Earn 100 Points

Loyalty Rewards Program

Video Tutorial here and more instructions below...
(It's specifically for desktop PC's, but you can probably catch on to the mobile version with this as well.)

Refer a Friend:

Get 100 Points ($10 value) each time a referred friends buys at our website for the first time! 

There is no limit to how many friends you can refer! Referring your friends is easy! 


1. Sign in or create an account.


 2. Once you sign in, click on the Loyalty Rewards widget. You will automatically be signed up for the rewards program and receive your first 50 Points ($5 Value). 


 3. Navigate to "Get Rewards" and Select "Share the love of Tamales with a Friend".   


4. Select the method you want to use to share your unique code/link with one friend.  Or copy the link to send the link to all your friends.  


5. Share your referral link. 


 6. You're all set! All you do now is wait for your friends to place their first order, and wallah! You will earn 100 points every single time a referral places their first order on our website.  


Friendly tip: 

To make sure your friends don't miss out.  Give them a friendly heads up to look out for an email that will be automatically generated and sent to your friends each time you refer them.  They will receive a special invitation from you and we'll provide instructions and a special discount code that will give them a great discount on their first purchase. So make sure to get in touch and tell them to check the junk inbox just in case.