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Texas Lone Star Tamales has over 103,000 satisfied customers!
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"I was very happy and satisfied with how perfectly they packaged and shipped my order! I highly recommend!"

Eleanor G. 02/24/2021 



"Great food!!!! A must to keep in the freezer at all times!"

DG P. 02/24/2021



"I love these. The tender meat melts into the tamale. Adding a little hot sauce makes them perfect."

Jane H. 02/22/2021 



"My family and I have ordered twice from Texas Lone Star 6 dozen on one order, 9 dozen on the other, and were very pleased with both the products and the service. Most recently, we ordered the Meat Lovers Combo, 9 dozen beef, pork and chicken tamales, but it was a terribly timed order, right before the winter disaster hit the state, and the package took 9 days to reach us. The company sent out a reassuring email that detailed their packaging protocol, but NINE DAYS?  I was afraid of spoilage, but when we opened the foam case, every dozen was still frozen solid. Impressive!

I can't imagine a better merchant to do business with."

Jim L. 02/21/2021



"We absolutely love these tamales. We have tried tamales all over the country and these are the best. We love the fact that the beef is shredded which is hard to find in tamales these days. The flavor and seasoning can’t be beat!!!"

Ricky B. 02/15/2021



"Your tamales are not good; they are fantastic! They are authentic and delicious."

Linda B. 02/10/2021 



"Best Tamales ever! I have tried every flavor and not one disappointed."

Andrea B. 02/09/2021



"We Love all your products. Your customer service is exceptional. High quality. I recommend you every chance I get."

Vicki A. 02/09/2021



"We ordered the Super Bowl pack for Super Bowl 2021, but decided to try some of the pork tamales just to be sure they were good before the actual event. They were so much better than good! They were delicious! We highly, highly recommend them!"

Rebecca K. 02/05/2021 



"My wife and I ate gourmet pork tamales last night for the first time. My wife rates Mexican restaurants by trying their tamales and chili rellenos. She said your tamales were the best she has ever tasted. I thought they were great also."

Kelly B. 01/30/2021



"So delicious! Perfect ratio of masa to filling! Very easy and quick to serve up for dinner or entertaining. Service and delivery are great! Frozen taste of home stored in my freezer! Highly recommend this great business!"

Gabriella P. 01/30/2021



 "It has been a long time since I was on a Mexican family’s Christmas tamale list. I was missing them so much. Texas Lone Star Tamales did NOT disappoint! The taste was authentic, my order was crazy fast and the price was right for the quality and effort that clearly goes into making them. Yum!"

Jodi T. 01/16/2021



"Ordered the Big Texas Pork tamales with a "bundle" offer. First time to try this company. We have several small, authentic Mexican grocers/restaurants whose tamale offerings are abysmal! 1/2" of masa & what appears to be a sprayed coating of meat, ugh. Shipment arrived within a reasonable amount of time, especially considering the holiday season, shipping delays nationwide for all industry segments. Perfectly frozen, all the ice packs as well, and superb packaging. Decided to steam in traditional method (first time ever)! Lined the steamer with parchment paper, brought to rolling boil, placed a dozen of those big fat babies upright & covered. Steamed for 18 minutes per recommended time range. I had allowed the tamales to thaw in fridge overnight, felt I'd have better quality control in the cooking method. Well...WOW! Blew everyone away at table last night. Even called a friend who spent much time in Texas & had been married to a Mexican senorita for a time. He came over to sample & stated they were some of the best, if not THE best tamales, he had ever had in his life (and he's 78). As we collectively perused the many tamales offered, the pork sausage & potato ones will be up next to order. Oh, and may have to spring for dessert with the apple. Thanks y'all! A very satisfied, albeit somewhat "fluffier" today, happy customer!"

Anne L. 01/07/2021 



"The vegetarian and vegan tamales are delicious! The service was fast and reliable. Great company and awesome product!" 

Samantha N. 12/30/2020



"I have to give a big ol' 5 stars to Texas Lone Star Tamales. I placed a very late order for Christmas tamales but forgot to specify expedited shipping so they would arrive on time. I emailed asking if it was possible and the whole TLST customer service, warehouse and fulfillment team went above and beyond - we got our tamales for Christmas!!! A fantastic product and amazing customer service. To the TLST family - my sincere apologies for all of the flaming hoop jumps I wound up putting you through. But very, very Merry Christmas and thanks from our family to y'all's!!!!"

Lou H. 12/30/2020



"I would totally recommend Texas Lone Star Tamales!! I have ordered 3 times already! My husband ordered 96 on our first order. I was like oh no how in the world are we going to eat all of these...he giggled at me and said watch...and yes we shared them and the family could not get enough of these. I had to have more for Christmas. So much flavor."

Stacy A. 12/27/2020 



"Thank you the Texas tamale warehouse for making our Christmas bright!!!  You have the best elves ever!!!  The tamales are always the hit of our party.  Just ask Chris, Ashley, Rodney, Valerie, James, Becky, Brandon, [or] Cameron, to name a few...the best tamales ever!!!"

Jamie C. 12/26/2020 



These tamales were some of the BEST I have ever eaten.

Charles B. 12/10/2020 



"The best Tamales around! We live in the Northeast and crave good Texas Tamales and Texas Lone Star IS the place to go. We now order and ship to family members to get them started."

Bonnie M. 12/02/2020   



"These tamales are delicious! I used to eat this type of tamales back when I was a kid during our Christmas vacation to Monterrey Mexico and after 20 years trying different brands, I found the right one! I was brought back to my childhood and great memories with family thanks to Texas Lone star Tamales!"

Cesar N. 11/16/2020 



"Saw them on Facebook but wasn't ready to buy tamales at that point.  However unbeknownst to me my son sent me some for my birthday. Best birthday present ever. I've eaten tamales from just about everywhere. Most of them are too dry, contain more dough than anything else and leave out the chorizo.  After trying these tamales I was ecstatic. They are fantastic to say the least. And the chili was absolutely wonderful.

Definitely won't be the last ones I buy."

Noble P. 11/01/2020



"These guys are great! Fast shipping, great containers and well frozen so they arrived without worry of being spoiled. The tamale's are thick and solid, not tiny like you get in some places. I will continue to order from them and recommend them to others"

Steven H. 11/01/2020