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FedEx Delivery

We ship all orders using FedEx services Monday - Fridays.


If you have received a shipping notification with a tracking number, you can track it or add additional tracking alerts using the "Track My Order" button below. If you feel something might be wrong and you have concerns about your order, we want to help!


Email us at and we will get back to you! 

FedEx Delivery Manager

Control Your Tamale Shipment with FedEx Delivery Manager

If you're wanting to control your Tamale Shipment, try out FedEx Delivery Manager, FedEx's latest home delivery solution. Signing up is quick and easy.

Get access to six powerful delivery customization options as well as the insight you need to get your packages on your schedule.

Sign up now 

Know more, do more with FedEx Delivery Manager 

You have delivery options to keep you in the know and make your life easier. Whether you’re out and about and want to reschedule a delivery or absolutely need it now and want it delivered to another location — with FedEx Delivery Manager, convenience is in your hands.
• Receive delivery notifications for all your home deliveries
• Get status updates via email, text or phone every step of the way

icon-schedule-your-delivery.png Schedule Your Delivery                       icon-esign-for-package-new.png Sign for a Package
icon-deliver-to-another-address.png Deliver to Another Address                icon-delivery-instructions.png Provide Delivery Instructions
icon-hold-at-location.png Hold at FedEx Location                        icon-vacation-hold.png Request Vacation Hold

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