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The Best Foods To Serve At A Birthday Party

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Birthday parties are a time of joy and celebration. They’re a time to get together with friends and family to celebrate what it means to be alive. Planning a birthday party, however, can be a somewhat challenging feat (especially if it’s up to you to make the decorations, bake the cake, and plan the games).

If you really want to throw a memorable birthday party, you have to serve delicious food that your guests will remember. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the best foods to serve at a birthday party so you can start planning the details of your party right away.

Buffalo Wings

A common cuisine for birthday parties and Super Bowl parties in the United States is buffalo wings. This is an unbreaded chicken wing that is usually deepz-fried and coated in a tasty sauce. Also called hot wings and chicken wings, buffalo wings are often paired with celery, blue cheese, and a dipping sauce of your choice. They make for great birthday party finger foods, and you can order mild or spicy varieties.


Who doesn’t love authentic, Mexican tamales? Whether you’re hosting a birthday party for small children or adults, there are plenty of tamale options to go around. This traditional Mexican dish is made from masa or dough that is steamed in a corn husk (or banana leaf, depending where you order from). Tamales can be filled with a variety of yummy ingredients like chicken, beef, vegetables, or pork.

At Texas Lone Star Tamales, we’re passionate about providing our online customers with some of the tastiest tamales in the nation. All of our tamales are hand-rolled in real corn husks at a facility that has been approved by the USDA. With no lard, MSG, or gluten, almost anyone can enjoy an authentic taste of Mexico with our mouthwatering tamales. You can order wholesale tamales on our website or purchase a gift for a loved one. Shop our tamale selection online today or give us a call with any questions.


Another versatile food to consider for your birthday party is pizza. Who doesn’t love a warm slice of pie from time to time? Pizza is the perfect party food because you can order a variety of options at an affordable price. If you have vegetarians attending your birthday party, simply order a veggie pizza. Not sure if your friends prefer sausage or pepperoni? Order a few mediums of both so everyone has something to choose. 

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