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5 Classic Mexican Recipes For The Holidays

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Did you know that in Mexico, tamales are a common holiday food? Depending on the region you find yourself in, tamales may be eaten at Christmas, or maybe held until the following year and eaten in celebration of Epiphany.

In today’s blog from Texas Lone Star Tamales, we will point you towards five other recipes for classic Mexican dishes that are traditionally enjoyed around the holidays. We hope that you’ll find these recipes easily prepared and helping to produce delicious food in your home this holiday season.

Here at Lone Star Texas Tamales, we love enjoying a good tamale around the holidays, but if we’re being honest, we enjoy a good tamale just about any day of the year. That’s why we went into the business of making authentic-style tamales and selling them online, so people everywhere can enjoy and share in our passion.

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Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies

Called polvorones in Spanish, these sweet, crumbly shortbread treats are a favorite of many Mexicans and Americans living in the Southwest. Their slightly sweet taste, offset by the nuttiness of roasted pecans means these sweets won’t last long on your table.

Pan Dulce

Mexican sweetbreads are common throughout the West. They’re a great way to change up a breakfast or brunch spread and fill the role of traditional coffee cake or danishes nicely. Since frosting is a common addition, theming them to the holiday at hand is easily achieved.


For an alcohol-free holiday libation that will surely please your guests, try this frothy cinnamon-flavored drink. Around the winter holidays, rompope is a great alternative to eggnog. If your guests want a little kick with it, a shot of rum can go nicely.

Arroz con Leche

If you’re a fan of traditional rice pudding, then you have to try arroz con leche. This thick, cinnamon-spiked dessert is made with melted butter on top and will indulge even the most unquenchable appetite for rich desserts and drinks.


Did you like those Mexican sweet breads we shared earlier in the blog? If so, then you’ll probably enjoy these holiday breakfast treats. After all, how does one make a recipe better? Deep fry it! Dust with powdered sugar, cinnamon, or your other favorite holiday flavor and enjoy.

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