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The Best Tamales To Serve At Your Next Party Or Event

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Choosing food for your party or event can be a challenge. You’ll want to offer your party guests something that everyone will love, while also keeping food allergies and preferences in mind. Don’t forget about those party guests that are vegan or vegetarian, as you’ll want to have items that they can enjoy, too.

Whether you’re throwing a sweet 16 party for your daughter, a graduation party for your nephew, or an anniversary celebration for your parents, tamales make the perfect party food. At Texas Lone Star Tamales, we’re passionate about providing authentic Mexican tamales to our online customers. With recipes that go back more than 30 years, our tamales are the perfect party food to have at your next event. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some popular tamale options to consider for your upcoming party. If you want to order delicious tamales online, shop Texas Lone Star Tamales today.

Gourmet Pork Tamales

If you’re a fan of pork, you’ll love our gourmet pork tamales. You can order these delicious tamales individually or by the dozen, depending on the number of party guests you’re planning for. Made from the finest natural ingredients like fresh onions, granulated garlic, and jalapenos, these tamales will arrive at your doorstep in a fresh-frozen boil-in-bag. On a scale of 1 to 10, these gourmet pork tamales sit at a three for their spicy factor. Each tamale has been hand-rolled in real corn husks at a USDA-inspected facility, making them a safe and trustworthy food option for your event.

Gourmet Habanero Pork Tamales

Looking to add some spice to your life? Our gourmet habanero pork tamales should be the main item on your party menu. Ideal for Superbowl parties, Christmas gatherings, and family reunions, these authentic Mexican tamales are perfect for your “heat-loving” friends. Handmade with seasoned and shredded pork, ancho chilies, habanero chiles, onions, fresh garlic, and an array of spices, these pork tamales make the perfect party food. On a scale of 1-10, these delicious pork tamales sit at an eight on the spicy factor.

Gourmet Sausage Potato Tamales

Hosting an event or party early in the day? Want to offer your guests a delicious breakfast item that will make the perfect lunch item as well? Our gourmet sausage potato tamales are the only breakfast tamale you’ll need! These gluten-free tamales are hand-rolled in real corn husks and are stuffed with sausage, potatoes, garlic, onions, and an array of unique spices. With no lard or MSG, these sausage potato tamales rank a two on the spicy scale (from 1-10), making them mild and perfect for all of your guests to enjoy.

Gourmet Beef Tamales

Our gourmet beef tamales are homemade, hand-rolled, and stuffed with authentic Texas beef. Perfect for birthday parties and family gatherings, these delicious beef tamales are gluten-free, lard-free, and MSG-free, making them a healthy food option for your event. Made with Texas beef, onions, jalapenos, dried chili anchos, garlic, and spices, you can order these beef tamales by the half dozen to ensure you have enough for your party guests. On a scale of 1 to 10, these beef tamales rank a number three on the spicy factor. When these beef tamales arrive at your door, simply put them in the freezer or refrigerator to maintain optimal freshness.

Filet Mignon Beef Tenderloin Tamales

Surprise your party guests with an elegant meal of filet mignon beef tenderloin tamales. This savory dish is made with beef tenderloin, dried chili anchos, jalapenos, garlic, onions, and a plethora of spices that will have your mouth watering in no-time. On a scale of 1 to 10, these beef tenderloin tamales rank a five on the spicy factor.

Gourmet Chicken Tamales

Chicken tamales are a staple for Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations. At Texas Lone Star Tamales, our gourmet chicken tamales are a party favorite. Stuffed with shredded chicken, tomatillos, poblano peppers, and jalapenos for a delicious and unforgettable taste, your party guests will love snacking on these authentic Mexican tamales. Each tamale is hand-rolled in real corn husks and inspected at a USDA facility for optimal freshness and cleanliness. On a spicy scale of 1 to 10, these gourmet chicken tamales rank a three.

Gourmet Habanero Chicken Tamales

Fire up your guests’ taste buds with gourmet habanero chicken tamales. An ideal dish for birthday parties, Christmas office parties, and anniversary celebrations, these authentic Mexican tamales are hand-rolled in real corn husks with shredded chicken, habanero peppers, garlic, onions, and a plethora of delicious spices. These habanero chicken tamales rank an eight on a spicy factor of 1 to 10, so make sure some of your party guests enjoy spicy foods before ordering!

Gourmet Four Cheese Tamales

If your sister-in-law is a vegetarian, you’ll want to make sure you have vegetarian options that she can enjoy. Our gourmet four cheese tamales offer a little kick, as they are stuffed with monterey jack, cheddar, panela cheese, and jalapeno peppers. These vegetarian tamales are limited during the holidays, so if you’d like to order them for your Christmas or New Year’s party, make sure to plan your party food out well ahead of time. These four cheese tamales rank a three on a spicy scale of 1 to 10.

Gourmet Black Bean & Cheese Tamales

Another popular vegetarian tamale option to consider for your event is our gourmet black bean and cheese tamales. This low-fat tamale option is great for vegetarians because it is made with black beans, green chiles, monterey jack cheese, and a touch of cilantro. These authentic vegetarian tamales rank a number one on a spicy factor of 1 to 10, which means everyone at your party can enjoy them. Order these black bean and cheese tamales by the dozen from Texas Lone Star Tamales today!

Gourmet Black Bean Vegan Tamales

Want to serve vegan tamales at your upcoming party or event? Be sure to order some of our gourmet black bean vegan tamales. These authentic Mexican tamales are full of vegan-friendly ingredients, the main one being fiber-rich black beans. One a spicy factor of 1 to 10, these tamales are a one, meaning they are not spicy. You can order these delicious tamales by the dozen online.

Sweet Cinnamon Raisin Apple Tamales

Looking for a dessert tamale to serve at your party? Our sweet cinnamon raisin apple tamales may be just what you’re looking for! These sweet tamales are surrounded by the same corn mesa that are regular tamales have, but they are stuffed with cinnamon, raisins, and apples. These dessert tamales are incredibly addicting, and they are not spicy at all. Eat these tamales for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a late-evening snack.

Texas Lone Star Tamales: Order Authentic Tamales Online Today

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican tamales online, be sure to browse Texas Lone Star Tamales website. We offer an incredible and diverse selection of tamales, including pork tamales, beef tamales, chicken tamales, vegetarian tamales, vegan tamales, and sweet tamales online. When you order from Texas Lone Star Tamales, your tamales will arrive right to your doorstep where you can put them in the freezer or refrigerator. If you have any questions about our tamales or you’re interested in learning more about our company, contact our team today. 

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